Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep well

Last night I was working a project for work at home, which is unusual. Worked on it right up till I went to bed, very tired.
T was getting ready for bed too and she didn't seem to be putting on her warm pj's even though it was a little chilly in the room.
Yes, she was coming to bed in panties only, an invitation for sure. She said she wanted to help me get to sleep and not be thinking about work.
She asked if she could warm her hands on me, "of course".
Then I put my hands on her bottom, not too warm yet.
We fondled each other then began to kiss. As the fondling got more involved, the kissing got hotter and wetter. I was tugging and stretching her labia and she was working my nuts.
Then T climbed on top of me, this is unusual but welcome. She wriggled around and got my hard cock inside her and started humping. I'd been thinking about sex and not having any for over a week, so I was quick to get up to speed. She was too and sat upright as she rode me. I took this as an inivitation to play with her tits. I fondled them, then stretched her nipples. I was thinking about a video I saw that day of two women torturing each others labia, pinching and stretching. I played rougher with her tits, grabbing a handful and roughly massaging it, then tugging them upward and outward. I told her I was feeling like I was about to launch and she said "go ahead".
That's all it took and I had an explosive orgasm. She was shushing me to be quiet as our daughter was in the next room (hopefully asleep), but I just couldn't and made quite a bit of noise, though I tried to muffle the noise with her breast in my mouth.
Today at work, I still smell her pussy on my hands. Yum.