Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fifth week and finale finally

Yes, five weeks of orgasm denial.  I could have had my release sooner, but after 3 weeks, it was only one more week for a full month, and then would only be another week until we are going for a long weekend away at a hotel and that means some hot hotel monkey sex.  Worth waiting another week for at this point and go for 6.  But no, during a hot sex session on week 4, day 6, things got too exciting as were fucking, I tried to pull out and stop, but it was too late.  Ejaculation was happening and it was not the roaring orgasm I had planned on to cap off my five weeks of tease and denial.  "Oh shit" I said, " That's not how this is supposed to happen!".
T was understanding and the next morning we had a long leisurely morning, including some more great sex. I was nearing the edge and she was telling stories about the hot things we would do at the hotel.  It was all too much.  I didn't quite ask for permission to come, but did ask if she wanted it, and with her affirmative answer, I had that roaring orgasm.  That was more like it.
So, that was the great orgasm denial marathon, I never would have thought six months ago that I would willingly go that long without coming and enjoy repeatedly being brought to the edge in the meantime.  Does this set the new standard to attain after formerly going 2 weeks?  I think this next period will only be a week.
There hasn't been any sex play in the few days since then, only some talk about what fun we will have this weekend and that we will need to pack some special toys.  Should be fun!!!

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