Friday, December 21, 2012

You said you want to wait till....

Browsing around a few tease and denial oriented blogs I see that there are at least a few men looking forward to the possibility of a long delayed orgasm over the holidays, be it a Christmas gift or a New Year, "wait until next year" goal.

Some are waiting anxiously, maybe feeling desperate in their countdown, and there are some who seem to have the attitude of maybe not wanting the end, and ironically perhaps looking forward to holding out even longer.

As I said to TW last weekend, the anticipation is so great, what is left to enjoy after it is all over.  Just like those long awaited Christmas gifts of your youth, will the opening of that big box be all it was hyped up to be and will that long denied orgasm be as mind blowing as you hoped for.

I've only gone three weeks as of this coming weekend and I truly feel that is a minimum time for me to strive for.  Bring on the new year, yes, make it a full month.

Last night as were getting in bed she said "you weren't expecting anything were you?".  "Because you told me you didn't want it yet".  Well I must have had a very shocked look on my face as I mumbled about not wanting orgasm yet but any other level sex was very good. There was none of that either.

 I think TW misses my orgasms more than I do.  Good thing or I might be in big trouble.
When I lust for a month of denial and think that if I did that all year long I would only come 12 times a year that sounds crazy.  TW thinks I am crazy to want this at all.  But then she also can't see how I find pleasure in crushing my nuts against her knees, being spanked and belted or being tied up and left to suffer in the closet.  Fortunately she seems to have come to accept that is the way I am and is willing to accommodate my kinks to a certain extent as a way to please me.

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