Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bouncing balls

This past weekend we were home so I hoped to be of service to TW and she thought that would be good too. We had some nice sex in the morning, she came, I was not given permission. After we showered, she handed me a rather small pair of her panties to wear for the day. Yummy!

There were some teases here and there during the day. In the evening TW was on the couch watching a show and I sat down with her. She mentioned that if she told me to I would be willing to take off my pants right there and show her the panties, right? I said I certainly would. Then she said if I was tied up there I couldn't do anything about that other than enjoy it. I told the that I fantasized about just that, having her bind my cock and balls and then just keep me by her while she enjoyed her show. Perhaps having me massage her feet while I sat on the floor before her. She told me to go get some string. I couldn't find any string right away, but returned with a 6 foot length of ¼ inch rope.

She led me into the bathroom off the living room and closed the door since our daughter was home. Then she had me drop my pants and show her the panties. She pulled them down and proceeded to bind my balls and cock. My balls were separated, hard and shiny and my cock was rock hard. She pulled the panties up over my cock with my balls sticking out each side and told me to try and get my pants up over that. Then we returned to the couch and watched the rest of the show.

After it was over we went to bed. She had me eat her pussy as she used the magic wand to bring herself to orgasm. Then she wanted my cock inside her and I gave her a nice fucking. AT one point she had her hand down there in a way that as I thrust in her my bound balls were pounding against her hand. This felt so good, and it was a mind trip as when I thrust deep into her my balls would get hurt.
I told her that this really touched on the core of my current sexual yearnings which have been focusing on my balls and torturing them.

She pulled her hand away and I fucked her hard and she told me that she wanted me to come. I was so ready to come, but I gasped out a request, “hit my balls!”. She started smacking them hard. I don't know if she was hitting or punching them, but this was something I have been fantasizing about and craving for some time. I came pretty fast then, and once I had done so the pain quickly became too much and fortunately she stopped hitting them.

We untied my cock and balls and before we dropped off to sleep she put on the panties that I had worn all day. I slept naked like a good sub.

Brief review of a couple other recent FD actions:
Sunday afternoon and we went to the bedroom for some afternoon delight. The room was chilly so I turned on a small space heater. We both got naked and I bent over to warm my hands in front of the heater. This did leave my bare ass sticking up in the air and I was thrilled that TW took advantage of this to start whipping it with her belt. She gave me a great all over body whipping and then she laid down on the bed and told me to eat her pussy. I ate her and she used the magic wand on her clit until she came, her pee squirting into my mouth as I drank it down.

She told me to lye down on the bed next to her and as I came around the end of the bed she tossed my pillow to the foot of the bed. I laid down with my head to the foot of the bed and massaged her foot. The other foot found it's way to my neck and pinned me down. I licked and kissed her toes until she had me eat her pussy to another squirting orgasm.

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