Saturday, September 26, 2015

Over the knee

I have made a ritual of stretching both before getting in bed and first thing in the morning. Simple, four sets of bend at the waist for 30 seconds, then stand up arms overhead for 10. I try to do these nude or nearly so and hope to catch my wife's attention when she enters the room and sees me bent over bare assed.
Recently she did and called me over to the bed as she sat down. She had me get over her knees and gave me a wonderful spanking. I don't know if she has ever given me an over the knee spanking before and it was emotionally very exciting. It was physically exciting too when she spread my cheeks and spanked my ass hole. I was doing my best to spread my legs and afford her most access.
She then had me stand up, then lay down on her lap, face up, or rather cock up. She spanked my lower belly and groin, saying “You like to spank yourself here, right?”. She spanked my hard cock, then as I spread my legs she felt free to spank my balls too. It hurt, but I thought to myself, this is what you wanted, so be happy. And I was very happy.

Of course, I wish this would happen on a regular basis, but will take what I can get, when she chooses to give it.


sub hub in phx said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. There is just something special about purposely presenting yourself naked to your Domme, taking a place over her knee for the purpose of receiving a spanking. Emotionally, like you said, it's unbelievable. Mistress K. will occasionally also target my tiny rear hole as well. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

My Wife gives me OTK spankings a fair bit. Usually, i'll have to (embarrassedly) ask for one, saying i need it. But, sometimes She will initiate... those are the best! sara e