Thursday, April 14, 2016

I want to be a bride

T told me that she missed tugging on my pubic hair so I had started growing it in nearly a month ago. Two weeks ago she also said that it was time to start letting my leg hair grow back. I have regained a short pubic puff and my legs are covered with short hairs. She says it is like I am going through puberty. I think it is more like going from girl to man and already am saddened by the change.

T recently “discovered” her wedding dress which had gone missing in storage. She decided to try it on and see if it still fit. The zipper would not go up the back, but she still looked lovely. Of course, I was secretly yearning to try it on too and she surprised my by telling me to put the dress on! How exciting it was to get naked and pull the layers of lovely lace over my head and down my body! She was able to zip it up and it looked quite lovely on me. This certainly fueled my fantasy of renewing our wedding vows with me being taken as her slave wife.

That evening, T pulled out the sheer white, ankle length, negligee that she received as a bridal shower gift. She gave it to me to put on to wear to bed. How exquisite this felt as I snuggled in to bed with her, feeling like her blushing bride! I have been wearing it for the past three nights now.

After our recent talk, I am determined to either wear what she tells me to for bed, wear something feminine of my own choosing, or go naked.

I have started reading chapters from a book called “My husband is my maid” to T and she certainly appreciates the part about me doing the dishes and cleaning.

She said that she really enjoyed all the service she received during her medical leave and I told her that I did not intend to stop. She does appear to be getting more comfortable with the idea of having me do things for her and telling me do them. Last night she told me to put her socks on her feet, then jokingly chided me for not kissing her feet. She said “I'm getting used to telling you what to do, you don't mind do you?”. I assured her that I did not mind at all and that I am here to joyfully serve her.   


jen smith said...

Hello Mr. Bill!

How nice that she wanted you to try on her wedding dress and negligee!

I have a similar wish, to be the sissy slave wife in our wedding ceremony. We'd probably end up having that done in private, separate from the wedding we might have with family in attendance.

submanhub said...

It must be so nice to have her be proactive in getting you to try on her clothes and I guess work with what turns you on.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a dream to get to try on your Wife's wedding dress! i'd love to try that some day.
i'd never really thought about a separate wedding session as Her wife, but now maybe i should more :)

That negligee sounds lovely, too. i'd like to start wearing them to bed... currently it's just panties and a t-shirt, usually (yoga pants on cold nights!).

Congrats on taking good care of your Wife these days, and i'm glad to see She is coming around to seeing how helpful you can be, and how easy it is for Her to tell you what to do. My Wife does it somewhat, but i don't really know why She doesnt moreso!

MRBILL said...

Yes, I have told my wife that she could easily have me be much more servile to her, if she just made a little effort to dominate me.
I suppose I should be careful what I wish for!

Anonymous said...

Bill- My Wife gave my pantied butt a spanking, saying i was checking out bikini girls' butts yesterday. i was indeed guilty.
i became sorrier when She paddled away, and forced me to JO into my panties to conclude the session, with Her chuckling at me, and telling me to get to work on the wash. Well, a little fun, and a little pain :) sara

sub hub in phx said...

MRBILL, thanks for the lovely post. I sincerely hope that you and your Mistress Wife get to have the ceremony that my wife and I had on our 15th Anniversary. It was before an actual officiant (a woman). I was required to be caged and wearing only thin silk boxers my wife purchased for the occasion. I was required to kneel at the alter, with the officiant standing, bible in hand, and wait for her to emerge from the bedroom of the ridiculously enormous resort suite we were in.

When she emerged she took my breath away. She was wearing very sexy lingerie with an absolutely dominate look. OMG she was gorgeous. She walked over to where her nearly naked and caged husband was kneeling, leaned downed to kiss me tenderly and stood up and told the officiant that she was ready to "accept this slave".

We each read the vows we had prepared for this occasion and when she placed her collar on my neck and the officiant said "I now pronounce you Mistress Wife and slave husband" I got very emotional. The very good kind.

With the officiant excused herself and Mistress and I set out to consummate our new marriage journey together. It was glorious

Anonymous said...

SHIP had a great ceremony, wow!
As for me, following up re nightwear... i do usually just wear panties to bed each night. Yoga pants when colder. But i'd love a full nylon thin nightgown... for some reason, i just can't get Wife to buy me one!