Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yes, the always eagerly anticipated Hot Hotel Monkey Sex!
During a 2 night stay at a very nice hotel last week, we had some great sex.
I always pack my bags for these opportunities, just in case, and this didn't disappoint.
The first night I treated T to oral sex for a super long time, my neck may never recover. During that time I fantasized about a replay in a switched format of something we had done before at a hotel. I had tied her up in the closet, flogged her, closed the door and left her there for while. I was now dreaming of her tying me up in the closet and leaving me there while she went to bed and masturbated.
I told her about this dream as we were getting revved up for the second night. She asked me to get out the things I had brought so she would know what she had to work with. I placed the following on the bed: a 20' rope, leather flogger, cock and ball harness, supple nip suction cups, Japanese rope bondage cuffs and a pair of over the door cuffs.

THese nip suckers work very nicely on my nips. I got larger ones for T but she just can't get them to stay on. I think her nips are too nubbley.
First she put chapstick on my nipples to help get a good seal, then applied the suckers, yum!
Then she started to put on the cock and ball harness, she had a little trouble figuring out which way was up, by time I helped her, it was tough to turn over since I was already hard.
Then she did a very nice shibari style tie with the rope starting out draped around the back of my neck with well place knots down the front, through the crotch and up the crack, then ties from back to front and around my chest. This cinched my cock and balls nicely and made my chest squeeze out between the ropes like little titties. Rowr.
Then she told me to kneel on the floor and bend over the bed. This really pulled those ropes tight. She then used the flogger on my ass, thighs and back. Yes things were getting really hot in the room. Then T pulled me up to my knees in front of her and told me to eat her pussy. I was happy to do so and licked and sucked as well as I could in this position.
Back to my fantasy, she told me to get up and put the bondage cuffs on me and led me to the closet. She had me put me hands on the back of my neck and somehow managed to use the over the door cuffs to tie me up from the ropes around my back to the clothes rod in the closet. This and my hands behind my neck caused me to have to keep my face towards the floor, very submissive like. Then she used the flogger on the front of me, flogging my chest, my cinched up cock and balls and my thighs. I was loving all the attention when she draped the flogger around the back of my neck, closed the closet door and left me there to think about things.
My fantasy come true! I totally enjoyed it, and even more so when I heard her start up the Hitachi magic wand and bring herself to a great orgasm while I was left straining in my bondage in the closet behind closed doors. If I weren't getting pretty uncomfortable by then with my hands behind my neck, I would have craved being kept there for longer, waiting for her to allow my release. Fortunately for my neck, which already ached from all the muff diving the night before, she didn't wait long before she came and got me out of the closet.
She loves to be fucked and I couldn't wait do get unrestrained enough to do just that, leading quite quickly to a roaring orgasm that I'm sure the people in the next room heard very well.


Mr MD said...

Sounds promising. Looking forward to the next part.

vanillafree said...

very hot! love the image of the harness. I could recommend some nipple suction products that would work better if you'd like, just let me know.