Monday, January 17, 2011

start the day right

Well, looking back at when my last post was, I've missed out on writing about many things. I did finally get that birthday spanking. The details are vague in my memory now, but it did include many belts, mostly buckled around me, but one was used to whip my ass.
Also had a great rope bondage session recently, began with binding T's breasts, then after she had a great orgasm I said what about my turn and she bound my cock and balls very nicely, finishing up with a great screw.

But, before I forget all about it I'll recount yesterday. I woke up with a serious hardon. We just watched the movie "The Bucket List" wherein one of the characters says that as you get older "never waste an erection". T has said before that if I wake up horny during the night that I should just go for it and snuggle up with her. She was wearing the one piece footed sleeper that I got her for Christmas, which does not provide easy access. So I got up, closed the door and dropped my shorts and stradled her chest. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was my hard cock. She said "oh my" and took it in her mouth. She gave me some great head for a few minutes. Then I pulled out and moved her around on the bed so that her head was hanging over the edge. I stood in front of her and slid my cock deep into her mouth and throat. This was great, and I fucked her mouth, nearly coming, but after a few minutes there was too much blood rushing to her head, along with my cock head, so I let her up on to the bed. I straddled her again and placed my scrotum on her mouth. She licked my balls then sucked them each. Then she took them both in her mouth and held on as I fucked her mouth with my nuts. I loved pulling on them as she held them in her mouth.
But I know she loves to finish with me in her pussy, so I popped my nuts out of her mouth, turned her around on the bed and sunk my cock in her. She was very wet and I slid in quickly.
The fucking was fast and furious and I came hard and fast.
What a great way to start the day!

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