Monday, August 27, 2012

4 weeks

After several runs of 2 weeks of orgasm denial, I'll be at 4 weeks without orgasm tomorrow.  WE just got past two weeks this time when I sent a quote from a chastity website to my wife.  That evening she inquired as to whether I was spending time at work looking at this like this.  I sheepishly admitted that I was and that it really is a problem that I needed help with.  THe next day she gave me a reminder in the morning and then gave me a small padlock from my cock collar to carry in my pocket as a reminder.  She told me if I was tempted that I should take the lock out and switch it to a different pocket and get back to work.  I did quite well for the next few days.  I happened to read a magazine article on day 4 about the problem of porn addiction.  It recommended that the woman work with her man and help give him extra attention to keep his mind off the porn. It also indicated that it would take at least 2 weeks of effort to make a change.  That was at two and a half weeks and she was ready to reward me for being good at the end of the week.  But I thought that I should really wait till at least the end of 2 weeks of behaving on the computer before my reward.  So here I am at a month of orgasm denial.  Some times I am crazy horny and occasionally I think this may be what it is like when we just don't have sex much anymore.
Right now, I really want it, but it has been a challenge that I feel proud of making it to this point of.

Later Edit:  Wrote the above in a hurry last night.  My loving wife has unfortunately got her period right now and she is looking forward to a good fucking when she is done.  That means no orgasm likely for me today on the 4 week date.  She hinted that maybe I will get a reward this weekend if things aren't too busy.  We are going away on a long weekend together on Sept 8.  Great time for some hot hotel sex!  She warned that she might make me wait until then which would put me out to  almost six weeks.  Yikes!  Be careful what you wish for!  She reminds me that this was all my idea and yes I do love it.  Thanks for the comment and I'll see if it gets easier after 1 month.  Last night she promised to tease me and keep me aroused every day this week.  Started off last night after a few sexless days by her telling me to "put something" on my balls and place the suckers on my nipples and then give her a backrub.  While I massaged I brought up the topic of some photos that she found on my camera that I had taken while at the beach last week.  Several were of a very tan young woman in a bikini.  They weren't close up but it was obviously the subject of the photos.  I apologized for doing this and suggested that this might be something I should be punished for.  I told her that I thought corporal punishment would be in order, hoping for a serious spanking or whipping.  She thought I might enjoy that too much and that not allowing me any attention from her would be more punishment than doing something physical. Darn!  AFter a while she rolled over and had me give her a front rub.  I admit that it was difficult to rub anyplace other than her breasts.  During that I was grinding my cock and balls against her feet.  She got out her magic wand and had a great orgasm while I humped in vain.
Then she rolled over and offered her knees for me to grind against as she drifted off to sleep.
This morning she again rolled over towards me with her knees up and I accepted this as an invitation to grind.  Eventually I got to the point of really crushing my balls against her knees and reveling in the pain.  I told her this was an effective method for a masochist to get their pain. As I got out of bed, I knelt down and kissed her knees in appreciation.

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Anonymous said...

great job on 4 weeks. The chastity game, once you hit the month milestone seems to get easier. i did not notice that i was locked up anymore. The days i was not because of travel and going through the new improved security i actually missed it. For the issue of porn, you just need to find another outlet while on the computer/web.

enjoy, mac.