Thursday, October 04, 2012

Tease Tease, you're happy when I'm on my knees

Yesterday morning TW asked if I was interested in giving her pussy a kiss goodbye before I left for work. Of course, I'm always interested in kissing her pussy! I gave her a good long eating out and eventually she used her magic wand vibrator to give herself nice orgasm. She was happy to see that I had a stiff erection in my pants as she sent me off to work.

Last night we both were feeling restless and started to fondle each other. Soon she had me hard and got on top of me, slid my hard cock in her and rode me for a few minutes. Then she got tired and rolled over. I was going to fuck her right away, but she said she wanted me to eat her pussy first. I liked being told to do that! After awhile I did get to fuck her with my cock but as I was getting close to feeling like orgasming she told me that was enough for now, and that I could save myself for the next morning.

This morning she asked if I was ready to give her a kiss goodbye and whether it would be in the bathroom or bedroom. I wish she would just tell me to do it rather than asking, but I said I thought she would be more comfortable on the bed. She brought her hairbrush since she had just gotten out of the shower. She sat down on the bed and handed me the brush. This is rather unusual, but I was happy to see her having me serve her, and no she didn't ask, she just gave me the brush and expected me to do it.
I was happy to lovingly brush her hair and when I was done she rewarded me by pinching both my nipples through my shirt.
Then I got down on my knees and ate her well. Eventually she began telling some fantasies about having objects placed in her pussy, mainly vegetables. She started with carrots with the tops still on and the greens hanging out of her, then proceeded through cucumbers, zucchini squash, corn, beets with greens and finally as she came hard with the vibrator it was sweet potatoes. All that time I was licking away and stuffing 3 or 4 fingers up inside her. She had a squirting orgasm and I licked it up immediately. I kept licking her for some time and she said that must be what it was like for me when she kept up the stimulation after I have come. What I would call post orgasm torture.
Finally she said I needed to go to work. She checked to see that I had a nice big hard-on, told me to brush my teeth and hair before I left. WE will have a house full of kids this weekend and little opportunity for hot sex. She said maybe she will let me come tonight so I'm not all over her all weekend. I would love to come now, but love when she keeps me aroused and denied orgasm.

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