Friday, October 12, 2012

Surprise home alone evening

After the morning in which I brushed TW's hair, she said that she would have me towel her whole body dry after her shower the next day, after which I hoped to give her a long wet kiss goodbye on her luscious pussy. I heard her in the shower while I was at the kitchen table finishing breakfast and reading. Intently reading, I realized that the shower had stopped and headed up stairs. Too late, she was out of the shower, dried off and half dressed. She said you missed out, no muff diving for you!
I was very disappointed and annoyed at myself.

After the weekend of house of kids we lucked out on Sunday afternoon when youngest daughter went to a movie with a friend. Then, she called and asked to stay overnight since there was no school on Monday. Whoopee! Bonus home alone time. I made dinner for TW and I, nice t-bone steak and fried potatoes. I had a glass of wine with dinner and she asked if I would be ok later. I thought if I weren't planning to come, it didn't matter if I had a little trouble getting hard.

We were really hungry and raced through dinner, after which she said that she was thinking about taking advantage of me and my servile attitude to have me clean up the dishes while she sat and knitted. I assured her that it would not be unfair or selfish and that it was exactly what I wished she would do. Although I probably wouldn't feel that way if she just took my doing this for granted and made not connection to my service to her. She asked if I might enjoy my chores more if she had me do them naked and trussed up a little. I sure would and she requested that I get naked and return wearing my robe, with a collar and some rope. I brought those items along with the toy bag that I had packed for the weekend away and still haven't unpacked.

She then had me take off the robe and tied a chest harness on me with one rope, then bound my balls and cock with another. She said that the fire needed some more wood but that it had started raining. I went right out in the cold, wet dark and got some more from the pile across the yard. Then she told me to put nipple suckers on and get to work in the kitchen.

I cleaned the kitchen very well including cleaning up the smudge of pre-cum left on the front of the sink counter where my cock had rubbed up against it. Returning to the living room I warmed myself by the woodstove. TW came over and kissed me and fondled my cock and balls. Then she knelt in front of my and licked my cock, then sucked both of my bound balls into her mouth together. This was really intense and I was worried that I would fall backwards against the hot stove. My ass and the backs of my thighs were getting very hot from the stove and she finally got up and told me to turn around. Then she said she would help cool my ass my fanning it, with a small leather flogger!
I don't think it was cooling, but I liked it. She flogged my ass, back, thighs, spread my cheeks and flogged up in my crack and against my balls. Then she had me turn around and flogged the front. She whipped the suckers off my nipples and whipped my lower belly, right where I like it. She flogged my cock and bound balls.
I switched places with her and told her it was time for her to warm up as I knelt in front of her and went down on her juicy pussy. I did that until the back of her thighs were getting too hot. She had originally asked for a back rub and still wanted that so we spread a blanket on the floor and I fetched a stack of pillows. I couldn't resist her upturned bottom and got the flogger and started using it on her ass. After a few minutes she asked for the magic wand and applied that to her clit. It was a new and unique perspective to be flogging her ass as I stood straddling her back and using a downward swing to give upswings to her ass cheeks interspersed with occasional zings to her labia. I was happy to see this having the desired effect as she had a groaning orgasm.
After a few minutes of recovery she rolled over and told me that she wanted me to lick her pussy again.
I got down on the floor and ate her out thoroughly for several minutes. I really enjoyed when she pulled her knees up and held my head tight between her legs. She could tell I liked that too as I moaned my appreciation. I was feeling quite aroused during this time as I ground my cock against the blanket spread on the floor and got in position for some fucking, but alas the wine and the late hour were not helping my erection along. I was not surprised, although I was disappointed that I couldn't do that for her since she does like getting screwed. Earlier in the evening we had talked a little about what feels best to my cock and I concluded that among many great things, my favorite is still being inside her and fucking.
Now she would finally get her back rub. After I released the rope harness from my chest so that I could work my arms properly, I applied lotion to her hot ass, then gave her a long massage with the lotion on her back from neck to upper thighs. Finally, I covered her with a blanket and rolled over on my back. Some time later we both woke from napping and accused each other of snoring.
As I picked up the ropes and other toys she thanked me for cleaning up from dinner. I thanked her for letting me serve her so and for the bondage she had applied to me.

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