Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

It was a happy new year.  I planned on  a nice romantic dinner with just the two of us, but college son was home and was not going out till later.  It was still a nice dinner that I prepared.  He finally left sometime after 10 pm and I wondered if we would even stay awake till midnight.
Yes we did, and I don't know quite what we were doing when the ball dropped, suffice it to say hot sex was happening through the new year and we didn't even know what time it was time much later.
Now if only I could remember what we did!   That's why I write this blog, because I want to remember all the exquisite details, or at least the basic idea of what was done.
Ok, now it's coming back to me.  I thawed out a package of cocktail franks along with 3 full size hotdogs and I put a dozen of the little franks up TW's pussy.  Then I put two hot dogs in and got down and sucked on the hotdogs as they protruded from her crotch.  It was very hot.
Then I knelt at the side of the bed and bent over while she whipped my ass with her wide leather belt.  AFter that it was my turn to be stuffed with little franks as TW inserted 6 up my eager ass.  Then she lubed up a medium size butt plug and started working up my ass.  I don't know if I was too full already or she tried to go too fast but it caused too much pain and she had to stop.
I was happy that she took on the initiative to use it on me though since I would really like to have more anal sex.
After all this we did go back to fucking her while she had the franks in her cunt and I had them up my ass.  It was really intense and I was still trying not to cum.  I was too close though and she said it was okay.  I did come them but it was almost accidental, certainly not a roaring release. 
It was my first real orgasm in a month, but I don't really feel like I had the big one.

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