Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hot hotel sex

For the last four or five years TW has been joining me at my annual professional conference.  I always look forward to this opportunity for some HHMS, hot hotel monkey sex. 
This year I was fighting a bad cold and didn't really feel too much like having sex, even though I brought along a toy bag. 
We slept late one morning and had some sex play; but decided to not let me orgasm so we could have some suspense for the evening.  TW had a squirting orgasm while we fantasized about her domming me at the banquet that evening.  She was on top of me at the time and I got down there and pulled her dripping pussy down on to my face and ate her like a wild man.
The banquet was very nice although other than getting her a drink there was no service or dom happening. 
We went back to the room and got ready for bed. 
TW sat on the edge of the bed and asked if I would take off her panty hose. She wasn't wearing any panties under them and I had been hot for her ass since she put them on. I knelt by the bed naked and took them off her, then worshiped her feet.  She then got up and lit some candles and produced an eye mask like you use for sleeping and slipped it over my head.  Wow!  She does surprise me.
Then she had me get up and led me over to the full length mirror.  OF course I couldn't see anything.   Then she stroked me with something cool and smooth and asked if I could tell what it was.  "YOur leather belt?"
A belt stroke across my ass was my answer.  She gave me a quick whipping but couldn't do it too hard without making too much noise.  We could clearly hear people walking down the hallway on the other side of the door.  Then she took a clothes hanger and clipped it on my nipple.  Unfortunately the other hook on the hanger was not the right distance to clip it on my other nipple.  This was a lightweight plastic hanger from home.  Perhaps the next time she will feel bold enough to use one of the heavy wooden hotel hangers with the vicious metal alligator clamps.

TW then led me to the bed and knocked me over backward onto the soft bed.  She sucked my cock then straddled my face and had me eat her pussy.  AFter while she rolled over and got the magic wand and brought herself to an orgasm. Then she used the magic wand on my cock and I almost came right away.
After I gained my composure she had me mount her.  She pulled the blindfold down over my mouth like a surgical mask to try and keep me from spewing germs on her face.  She told me she wanted me to fuck her hard and come like I wanted to.  I did just that, the hotel neighbors be damned, I had a roaring orgasm, finally getting my release from five weeks of pent up need.

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