Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GOOD Vibrations!

We were settling in to bed a few nights ago and TW used her Hitachi Magic Wand for it's vanilla purpose of trying to work a stiff spot out of her shoulder.  After she got done she placed it in my crotch.  I was almost asleep at that point and didn't really think she would get much reaction, but it did feel good.  She put it in my hand and I worked on developing a stiff spot down there.  Damn, that thing really does feel good, and I was moaning and groaning which got TW aroused.
She took the vibrator back and used it on her crotch.  She had her period and was wearing a super, huge extra thick maxi pad and I didn't think she could even feel anything through it, but apparently the pad just distributed the vibes around more.  She was getting very worked up and I helped out by fondling her nipples.  She then had what sounded like quite a good orgasm.

She turned off the magic wand and handed it to me.  I had been grinding on her leg as she built up through her orgasm so I was still hot and horny.  I applied the magic wand to my cock and balls. Damn, that thing is relentless and I hoped that she would let me come, because I don't know if I could stop.  She was talking sex to me now and said something about me coming on her leg, then she mentioned me coming in her hand and that got me thinking.  She said it was ok for me to come and I managed to groan out a request that she make me eat my cum.  She gave an affirmative answer and I had a mind blowing orgasm.  Somehow TW had got ahold of the wand and kept using it on my cock.
This was the most intense, unbearable post orgasmic torture I ever felt.  I didn't want to tell her to outright stop, but I was sort of pleading and actually said ow, ow ouch.

Finally she turned the wand off.  Then she brought her hand up to my mouth.  I have asked her before, during pre-orgasmic bliss, to make me eat my cum, but she doesn't follow through.  This time she certainly did and I licked and sucked my cum out of her palm and fingers.  I licked between her fingers and she told me I missed some and I sucked them clean.  It wasn't the best stuff I've tasted, but I probably eat and drink some things that might be considered unpleasant by some, so what the heck.

It was a wonderfully surprising evening and I hope it happens again.  Having read enough fem-dom blogs, I now fantasize that any time I am allowed to come that I would be made to eat it, whether from her hand, pussy, mouth, feet, ass or  my hand,


Mistress Marie said...

Very nice. I have tortured my slave with the wand right on the back of his cock head after letting him cum before and it is pure agony for sure.

So this was the first time that you ate your cum?

MRBILL said...

I have eaten my cum before after masturbating, but this is the first time she has presented it to me to eat.
It's not delicious, but it's not horrible tasting.
Of course the best part is the mind game of being "made" to do so.