Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GOOD morning

This morning I went to say goodbye to TW before heading off to work.  I try to time this for when she just gets out of the shower in hopes that I will get to kiss her feet or pussy.  She was moving right along this morning, looked like I wouldn't get a chance when I noticed that she had been talking to me while sitting on the bed in her robe and had not put her panties on yet. 
I took the initiative and said "Is there a reason you haven't put your panties on yet?" as I pushed her back on the bed and moved in for a kiss.
I moved down pulled open her robe and suckled her nipple.  This always sends a direct message to her clit.  After a few minutes of that I moved down to her pussy and dove in.  Clean and moist.  I gave her a good licking until she urged me to use my fingers and put them inside her.  I gave her a good fingering while licking.  Then I stopped eating so I could focus on finger fucking her with 4 fingers. 
She asked if I had time for her to cum and I said of course.  She got the magic wand and buzzed her clit while I pumped my hand in her cunt till she had a nice gooey orgasm. 
I toweled her off and helped her calm down.  She stroked my hard cock through my cock and I thought she would send me off to work hard.  I wouldn't mind that, but it is April and her goal was for me to come as much as possible and we had no sex over the past weekend.
She got up and started opening my fly and pulled my cock out.  Her mouth felt terrific as she sucked and licked me.  After a few minutes I struggled to pull my pants down so she could have better access to my cock and balls. 
This was feeling too good, too fast and I gasped out a request of "can I come" and took her grunt to be a yes and had a screaming orgasm.  For such a quick time it was an absolute mindblower and left me wrecked and certainly not feeling like pulling myself together and going to work.
But that's what I had to do.
She sent me an email a few hours later and asked if I was extra tired at work.

After the great plans last month of having lots of orgasms in April, with lots of them in the last 2 weeks of March, there has only been 4 so far in April and only a week left.  TW is taking the girls on a trip this weekend so there will be no sex then.

She was teasing me tonight about April being orgasm month and how I will look forward to it in the future.  Then she hinted about only cuming then.  Would I want to have all the orgasms I could manage in one month and then have none for the rest of the year?   I like tease and denial and have read of men who have gone a year or more in denial so I suppose I could do it. 
TW really likes it when I come though, so I probably won't have to worry about it.
Hot fantasy anyway.

This evening I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes and TW came up behind me and asked if I was fantasizing about being tied by the balls to the cabinet.  I told her I always think of that while at the sink and she said yes and how about if I were whipping your ass for splashing so much water out of the sink.  At that I intentionally splashed water on the window sill.  She spanked my ass hard about six times.  She said how can I discipline you if you like it?  I told her she needed to do it harder and I wouldn't find it so fun.

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