Sunday, March 23, 2014

Female Led Relationship?

Last week I had been reading a blog post about maintaining a female led relationship for the longer term, like beyond the initial excitement.  There was also some discussion about whether the wife is really on board with this type of relationship and enjoys it or just does it to make her husband happy.
I had just read this when TW came home early, surprising me.  I was a little flustered since I had come home for lunch, and as is my secret tradition, had trussed up my cock and balls while eating lunch.  TW was surprised to find me home too and apparently she had been thinking about sex too as she grabbed my crotch to see if I was interested.  She knew something was hard, but it was not what she expected.  She has told me in the past that if I put on any cock and ball toys that she wants me to tell her so she can at least appreciate that I am in that state.  So I decided that I should confess and opened my pants to show her the two neoprene rubber straps that were constricting my cock and balls.  My balls were looking fairly purple and she was more concerned about the color than the fact that I was doing this alone.  I ripped them off and she said that if I hurt them and had to go to the doctor it better be one in another town where nobody knows her or me.
The topic from the blog was just eating at me so I had to mention it to her.  I wasn't too clear about what I meant (not sure now what it was either), but she did get the gist of my question as to whether she was getting into the femdom or just doing it for me.  I was disappointed to have confirmed what I thought, my wonderful wife was doing this for me.  Oh well, at least she is making an effort to make me happy in my kinks.
That night as I was going to get a pair of boxers to wear to bed she tossed a pair of lacy panties on the bed and told me to wear them. I was amazed and delighted as I put them on. I gave her a nice backrub then and bought flowers for her the next day.  She asked if the flowers were due to the panties and I said yes and thank you.
I recently found an article on the website, called Training Your Man. I thought it was really excellent and I related to it completely. I hand wrote the first paragraph *(see it below) and left it on TW's bedside table. She went to bed before I did since she had to get up early the next day. She asked me to bring up her jeans when the dryer finished and I forgot. I woke up in the morning after her shower and she asked if I had brought up her jeans. I said no and jumped out of bed and went to get them. She said I didn't have to, unless I really wanted to, which she guessed I did. She told me that she found my note, read it twice and still wasn't quite sure what it was about. She said something like “I guess you will get me into this yet”. I hope so. Later, I found a list of things for me to while she was gone. I mentioned to her yesterday that I needed guidance and being told what to do. She is good at that anyway!

Saturday morning after her shower she sat at the foot of the bed and spread her legs for me to give her a quick pussy worship.  I ate her till I was hard, then she told me to give her a quickie fuck.  Just a quickie, though, she didn't have time for an orgasm and I didn't have permission.  Seems that lately we have sex on weekend mornings, I am kept denied to maintain my submissive, servant state for later in the day, then we never due have any sex later.  So my period of orgasm denial continues, five weeks now.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, TW had just taken off her shoes and socks.  She wears socks to bed and she directed me to put them on for her.  I was wearing a brass ring around the base of my cock and balls and a pair of silky panties.  I gave her a nice foot rub and put her socks on. It was late and we went to bed.  This morning I had just gotten out of the shower and she directed my to put on her running shoes so she could hit the tread mill.  I knelt before her naked and put her shoes on as my erection swelled.
Seems like she is making an effort to have me do things for her.

*Train your man
In order to train your man you will need to establish an agreement of the things you want him to learn, the rules you want him to practice and eventually stick to. Unless your only ambition is part-time bedroom play, if you have no ‘female led relationship’ agreement or relationship strategy you are not ready for training or creating profound changes in your relationship. Fact is, the more you demand, the more you will eventually receive. Your regular and playful, but firm acknowledgement of him as the submissive party in your relationship will very quickly encourage your man to become far more service-oriented than you could ever have imagined.

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