Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Small steps

As we were getting in bed last night TW said that she has been thinking about my requests that she control me and that she has an idea for a method that would give us both what we want.  She said that rather than me doing housekeeping chores, she would prefer that I do home improvement projects.  She would reward me with sexual activity.  She said that we could work together on some of these, giving us more time together and possibly providing opportunities for dominant activities while we are working together.
Okay, this is not exactly what I had in mind for serving her.  Being a submissive house maid in panties is more exciting than a typical husband doing home repairs in jeans.  She prefers that I behave more manly though, and although she sometimes indulges me by making me sleep in panties, she isn't really interested in feminizing me.  At least not now, maybe we will get there eventually.

In my last post I mentioned a short article called Training Your Man.  It clearly points out that what the man desires and what the woman wants is generally very different and that, as with all good relationships, compromise is what makes it work.

Last weekend I worked all weekend on making a folding shelf for her laptop computer and wiring a new outlet so that she can watch videos while jogging on the treadmill.  There were times that the project was very challenging, but knowing that I was doing it for her made my attitude better.

My attitude adjustment this morning started when TW returned to the bedroom from the shower and planted her warm, moist pussy on my face as I was pinned under the covers by her knees.  I was quickly erect, as she felt when she reached back to check.  She got off my face and pulled the blankets down, then sat down on my erect cock.  It felt so good and she reminded my to keep quiet as our son had come home for a quick visit and was in the next room.  She quickly talked me to the edge of orgasm, but told me I couldn't come as she did not want to have my scent in her all day.  She kept me right on the edge as she described the warm, wet white come dripping out of her.  I told her I could just imagine the taste of it.  She said that I would only imagine it as she hopped off me, leaving my erect cock bobbing desperately in the cool air.  No orgasm today, just like the past five weeks and who knows how many more.


I'm-Hers said...

Mr Bill,
When you mentioned the home repairs I thought of my first home repair that I did for Katie. I can't even remember what it was now but I do remember her telling me she was getting all 'hot and bothered' watching me work. LOL. Yes, Katie gets turned on knowing I am working on her behalf to fix or repair something that needed attention. Maybe your TW responds similarly.
Enjoyed the read!

Mistress Marie said...

I am sure it is hard to remain patient when you want and crave more, but it is better to communicate your wants and then give her space to put them into effect. Yes sometimes that might not come in the form you exactly wanted, but she has thought of something she wants, and really if you are serving her you need to serve her in the ways she prefers. Maybe she will come around to more of what you long for too.

MRBILL said...

I'm sure that I will always want more, but that's what I asked for right?, to be kept in a state of always wanting more.
I have asked my wife in the past what does she want or crave. This is the first time she has indicated what I could do for her and I am looking forward to doing so. My one concern is that this will just trail off into daily life, without the thrill of the femdom incentive.
On the bright side, last night she mentioned this topic, out of the blue as we were preparing dinner. She said that it could be fun working on projects together, me up on a ladder as she is teasing me. She even mentioned wearing a tool belt with special "tools" in it.
One of the best things that has come about through my new interest in WLM is that I have been working on communicating with her more.