Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Don't know when she'll let me cum

It's been a very busy summer, we haven't both been home on a weekend for a month now.  The last great lovemaking weekend was when I got whipped twice and was allowed to come.  That was a super hot weekend, but be assured, life is rarely like that.

Last week I was home from work for a few hours to help my dear wife with a home project.  We took a shower afterward, then finding ourselves naked in the bedroom without a child in the house, took advantage of the opportunity for her to pull my head between her legs and eat her yummy pussy.  My cock was hard and dripping as I ate her while she wrapped her leg around the back of my head and ground my face into her wetness.  She was ready for an orgasm and grabbed the magic wand vibrator.  She loves that thing, but it is so big that it is difficult for me to lick her when she uses it.  Such is the life of a subby hubby, pushed aside by something bigger and better.  I continued to eat her as best I could, gradually moving down to her ass crack.  She was making approving sounding moans so I began licking her asshole.  I was eating her ass with vigor as she came, she came with a gush and I drank her nectar as quickly as I could swallow as it ran down her ass crack and into my mouth.

I licked her pussy clean as she recovered from her orgasm.  I was still hard and she told me to put my cock inside her and give her some fucking.  I did give her a good fucking that day and was impressed with my ability to keep from getting too close to the edge of coming.  I gave her some hard, pounding fucking, which she really enjoyed, but that drove me close to the edge and I had to stop.  She said "that's right, you aren't allowed to come until I say so."  It was great to hear her acknowledge that she controls my sex.  Then she said that I had done something to annoy her, but she couldn't remember what it was, however she didn't know when she would let me come because of it.
I was thrilled to hear that she was "punishing me" by controlling me.  Even though I love to come, I prefer to be kept in a state of arousal and long term denial, so not allowing me to come isn't really a punishment.
I was just happy to hear that she meant to control me and of course send me back to work with my softening erection, still horny and denied, with my face smelling like her cunt.


Mistress Marie said...

Very hot, I wonder how much longer till she lets you cum....hold onto that deliciously horny feeling!

MRBILL said...

I was fucking her from behind last night, verbalizing for her what her ass hole looked like as I fucked her pussy. She said "you can if you want to". I thought she meant fuck her ass! I said "really?, I was just thinking about that yesterday and lamenting that I would probably never get to fuck your ass again". "NO!, of course you can't fuck my ass with that wide cock!, I meant you can come if you want to."
Of course I had been doing my best to control myself and not come without permission. I told her that much as I would love to come inside her right then, I really wanted to not come so that I could be as submissive as possible for her.
So, she is more willing to let me come than I am!