Thursday, October 02, 2014

No Sex for you until then!

No Sex for you until then!

My loving wife was sitting on the couch talking on the phone with her sister when she discovered a mouse dropping. We live in a 100 year old house in the country, it happens. But she hates mice after they have destroyed so many things and she called out to me that I must take care of them. Then she said there would be no sex until I caught 10 mice. She told her sister this and she thought it was very funny. She did eventually suggest that it would sound nicer to say I could have sex when I caught them, more positive attitude. I was very surprised that she would mention something like no letting me have sex to her sister.  She assured her that she has gotten many things done around the house using this method. This is as close as she has come to sharing with anyone that she controls my sex and orgasms.
So far I have only nailed one today after setting out 6 traps. I am a little concerned that I didn't get more the first day. This may take a while!
She gave me the same challenge a year or so ago and that time she offered the reward that she would torture my cock and balls with clothespins, the same number of pins as mice caught. I eventually earned 14 pins to be worn on my balls, nipples and erect cock while she had an orgasm and I moaned in pain and denial.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought but maybe as long as she said that to her sister, she will let her sister assist her in giving you your reward when they have been caught.

MRBILL said...

Never gonna happen! Especially not with that sister.
One can fantasize though.