Friday, October 10, 2014

No sex for me, doesn't mean none for her

No sex for me, that doesn't mean none for her, that's what T told me after a quickie in the shower the other day.  We were showering together and I got hard when she lathered me up for my shaving, then spanked my ass.  I am pleased to see that she has been shaving her pussy too.  She said she keeps up with it to prevent itching.  I like to think she is keeping it ready and easily accessible for me to eat her.  Anyway, she had her period over the weekend, just when we had the house to ourselves, so not much sexual activity except in the shower.  She let me put my penis in her and fuck her for a few minutes during which time I took a chance and spanked her ass.  After a half dozen good smacks she said that was enough, besides I hadn't been given permission to do that.
Then she had me kneel down in the tub and eat her pussy.  Knowing she had her period I didn't eat too low down.
After we got out of the shower she told me that she had considered making me eat her while out of the shower and her menses was flowing but she took pity on me and didn't.  I told her that when it comes to having me do things like that, don't take pity on me, make me do it!
I am thrilled that she would consider making me do this just because she can and knows that the humiliation would be exciting to me.

A few weeks ago she was away for an overnight and I slept in a pair of her old pantyhose.  I was completely surprised when, a few days later, she told me to put on the pantyhose.  She had no idea that I had worn them a few days before.  After I got them on and she got me as hard as I could be while encased in them, she got a small utility knife and told me to stand still as she cut hole for my cock to pop out through.  I trust her implicitly, but I was a little anxious as she cut right next to my penis.

Another day recently she was verbalizing some fantasies while we were having some casual sex about dressing me in tight female underclothes to conceal my male parts "like a eunuch".  She mentioned making me wear her tight panty girdle.  A couple days later, she presented that to me and told me to put it on.  I squeezed into it and then she had me put on a tight fitting sports bra.  Then she gave me a list of chores to do.

I enjoyed that so much that the next time she was away for a day and I was doing chores for her I wanted to dress as her maid. I lubed up a small butt plug and put it up my ass.  I needed something to hold it in so I put on an old pair of panty hose with the panty girdle over that. Then I put one of T's old bras over my nipple suckers.  I thought that a maid uniform would be nice and did the best I could by wearing her short black skirt and a sleeveless red and white checked blouse.  Then I cleaned and vacuumed.  Later I took off the skirt and blouse and wore sweat pants and shirt over the bra, panties and stockings while I went to the trash transfer station and the hardware store.  Butt plug and nipple suckers still in place.

No orgasm for me for 4 weeks now, none until I catch 10 mice, I am at 6 now.  Four weeks is nothing now, I've gone twice that long in the past.  I'm just always aroused!


sub hub in phx said...

Mr Bill ........ oh boy. I would not like the punishment I received from Mistress K. for wearing panty hose (or anything else that I might possible get sexual enjoyment from) without per knowledge and permission. Once recently, I was traveling on business and was missing her a great deal. I decided I would wear my glass butt plug to sleep as a way of keeping her close to me in my mind. it was marvelous. I had sexy dreams, it was just great. When I returned home I was so excited to tell her what I did and when I did, a look of horror came over her face as if I had stolen an orgasm from or something.

She later made it clear to me (again) that I am NOT ALLOWED ANY SEXUAL PLEASURE without her knowledge and approval.

Love your blog! Keep it up brother.

MRBILL said...

My wife doesn't have any strict rules about me having sexual pleasure without her, but she has recently told me that I am to inform her if I am wearing anything on my cock and balls and to let her know if at any time that we are together I should get an erection. I guess I should not get one in her absence!
I kind of wish she would be more strict in applying rules, though be careful what you wish for right?
She has not made it a rule, but I know she really does not want me to spend any time online reading porn and has a problem with me communicating with any one.
I suppose that means I am not communicating with her and that is not right.

lovetosubmit said...

Holy smokes! Where has your blog been? I know you have commented on my blog, but I never seemed to have found yours...

All I have to say is WOW!

My wife's period is usually at least 7 days. She never lets me touch her (she especially hates it when I grab her ass... I don't do that any more). I am having the reverse luck as you, she should be pretty clean and ready for a (partially... working on a full) empty house this weekend). We shall see! But the title, "no sex for me, doesnt' mean none for her". Wow, that's been our playtime lately!


Anonymous said...

Lovely story! i find cleaning the house way better with tight sports bra and butt plug... panty girdle is good too!
Makes time go by more quickly! sar