Tuesday, April 14, 2015

panty boy toy

As we dressed for bed last night I had just put on my usual silky boxers when T said "Oh no, you can't wear them tonight!  Take them off and I will choose some panties for you."
She tossed me a flimsy pair of indigo blue lace panties, that were nearly a thong.  The back was a lace piece less than two inches wide.  She said these are the silly things that men design for women to wear, totally uncomfortable!
I pulled them on and modelled them for her.  She told me to pull them up higher in the front.  Of course that pulled the lace back tight against me ass hole and the front to separate my balls.

I got in bed and snuggled my balls against her knees.  After a few minutes I rolled over to turn off the light and T reached down and fondled my bare ass cheeks.  I squirmed like a cat enjoying the attention, then pressed my ass against her and clenched my cheeks against her knees. It was almost as good as the feeling I get grinding my balls on her knees, which can send me into spasms of pleasure.
She said I was a slut and I replied that I was her boy toy.

T had a hot flash then and pushed me away.  I said what a change for you to be hot and I'm cold.
She said "yes, lot's of things have switched lately, you are wearing panties, cooking the meals, doing dishes and laundry.  I'm not even going to talk about what else has".  I was thinking about my fantasy of us changing gender roles.  A funny thing she told me was recently her sister joked about her being a dyke.  She does not wear makeup or very feminine clothes and she has a brusque manner at times.  I dream of us privately gender swapping and I think we would actually fit those swapped roles quite naturally.

T said she was thinking of having me wake her every time the panties scratched my ass crack and annoyed me, but she didn't want to disturb her sleep.  I didn't find them uncomfortable and any time I did wake during the night I smiled happily.


sub hub in phx said...

I hear ya brother. I only wear panties when it suits Mistress K.'s mood to have me wear them. I don't have fetish of being feminized. I do, however, love the idea of being objectified for the amusement of my Mistress Wife. On those occasions when she hasn't already chose the panties I am to wear that day, I will always choose a pair of nice, sexy, lace thong panties because, like you said the lace resides all day long on my rear opening. I feel like a total ass slut when that happens.

Mistress Marie said...

Great post. You never know your wife night get more into this as time goes on!

MRBILL said...

Last night she told me that before doing the dishes I needed to be dressed properly. She put a locking leather strap on around the base of my cock and balls and chose a light pink pair of panties for me to wear.
I very happily did the dishes while she gave herself 3 orgasms with the magic wand.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... sounds like fun! Nothing like being put in a pair of thin Vanity Fairs :) sara e

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Just caught your comment how your Wife doesn't wear makeup, and could be brusque.
Wow, you could be talking about my Wife here!! Too weird