Friday, May 08, 2015

making progress

A few new developments in the FLR.
A while back I was wearing my old baggy sweatpants around the house and T said I needed something more attractive to wear that fit my ass better.  I started thinking about women's yoga pants and even looked on line for some to order.  One day, T tossed me an old pair of her old paint spattered yoga pants and said I could wear these while we are home alone. I was very happy to do so and they fit my ass nicely.
Shortly after that I had a coupon for Kohls cash that was about to expire.  Last moment I went on line and ordered a pair of new women's yoga pants for myself.  There was money left after the pants so I found some nice panties, pinkish red with white lace backs and bought those also.  This is the first time I have outright bought women's panties for me although I have bought some as a gift for T that I fully intended for her to have me wear.  But these are mine, stored in my drawer, not hers.
I was a little apprehensive about wearing the new yoga pants and panties for her the first time, but she said they looked nice and she even offered to hem the pants for me as they were a little long.

I have taken to a routine of stretching in the evening to try and loosen up my upper back and shoulder.  I bend over at the waist for 30 sec. then stand up with hands up for ten.  I do 4 sets.
I have made a ritual of doing each set while thinking of T and my submission.
1. Face the door and think of being in bondage including being cuffed up to the over door restraints.
2. Face the mirror and think of T making me be either naked or dressed up in panties, etc. and being feminized.
3. Face the hook where T keeps her leather belts and think of being whipped on my ass, thighs, belly, chest and cock and balls.
4. Face the bed (with T usually sleeping there in the morning as I stretch) and think of being submissive to her, worshipping her, being dutiful and obedient.  I also fantasize at this point of her fucking my ass and making me her sissy ass slut.
I began doing this in the morning and now have begun doing them in the evening before bed also.  This is nice because I usually do them naked as T is getting ready for bed and she sometimes takes notice and gives me some fondling.  She has also told me to begin doing another stretch where I am to kneel down, bend over with my hands and forehead on the floor, then stretch one leg at a time up and back, then pull my knee up as close to my chest as possible, then switch legs.  I have only done this a few times now but it is nice as she sits on the bed behind me and enjoys the view of my ass and cock and balls.
As I was doing this last night she asked if I was clean.  I wasn't sure what she meant and she said that she was getting interested in doing something with my ass, but wants to be sure I am very clean there.
She told me to be sure and keep myself clean and ready for her in case she should feel moved to do something.  I was also told to get a new box of finger cots (rubber gloves for individual finger). Yes!!


sub hub in phx said...

Don't you just love it when asked "are you clean?" It's an obvious indication that there is some interest in penetration ............ yummy!

Red said...

sounds like you are in for some fun. I have a very large supply of Victoria Secret panties in my size, that I keep in the bottom of one of Cindy's drawers. I have purchased them on my own, saying they were for my wife, but also with her. As her's are size medium, and mine are size large, the sales people must have a really good idea of who wears what1
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

i have my own yoga pants. And, er, yes... about 100 panties, all in my drawers! More panties than Hers (Hers are boring cotton ones, too often, as well). sara e