Monday, June 08, 2015

First caning

A few hours home alone, but T was busy gardening so I didn't have my hopes up for any fun. She called to me across the yard and I responded “What?” She told me to “come here”. Well, she either did not want to yell, unlikely, or she was being controlling and telling me what to do!
I went to her and she asked if I knew whether there were any spare twist ties by the trash bags, or had I thrown them out. I dutifully went and found them for her.

She had purchased some thin bamboo sticks, about 3 feet long to stake some of her flower plants up. I immediately recognized the potential of these to be used as a cane and we did joke about it briefly. I helped her stake up the plants. When she got all done, there were 3 left and she told me to come with her as she led me around the corner of the house to a more private area.

T told me to drop my shorts and gave me a few test hits with the cane. She was starting out easy, but I was getting very excited quickly. She had me bend over a retaining wall and began caning my ass. She said, “you like it when I mark you, right? Well this should leave some nice marks.” The rate at which she built up the force of the hits was perfect as it felt wonderful to me. She caned the back of my thighs and I had visions of neatly spaced red stripes appearing. We were going to a wedding the next day and she said this should leave something nice for me to wear to the wedding. She had me stand up and present my front as I thought with glee about wearing T's marks at a wedding and how this made me feel owned by her.

She caned my belly and the hollows where my belly meets the thighs. She knows that I crave being hit there hard and having red marks on my soft white flesh. She caned the front of my thighs and I again fantasized about being caned hard and left with brutal bruising stripes. The cane marked the outsides of my thighs too, then she told me to pull up my shirt and she laid down some stinging stripes right across my eager nipples. I thanked her and encouraged her to leave her marks on me.
She finished up with a few slashes to the top of my cock, then a couple real stingers right on the cock head. A few gentler ones struck my balls from below, then one last wicked slash right on the head of my cock. I groaned and nearly crumpled at that one, this I think is the closest I have been to my limit and asking her to stop. She knows me well though and she finished with that.

I was so incredibly aroused and submissive at this point, that I sunk to my knees before her and hugged her around the hips as I nestled my head against her chest. She said, “that's enough for now, get up and finish your chores, maybe we can play with this again later”.

We didn't get to play later, but the next day after I finished packing the car she asked if the little princess was upstairs. I said yes, as she picked up one of the canes from the shelf by the door and told me to drop my pants. I was very happy to do so and she gave my four stripes across both ass cheeks to remember her by during the hour and a half drive and the over an hour wedding ceremony.

This was the first time that she has caned me and from what I have read, caning seems to be one of the more severe methods to inflict a beating on your loved one. Due to that it was a little scary at first, but I totally enjoyed it and hope that she will become comfortable with caning me often in the future.
The only disappointment was that by time I used the men's room after the wedding ceremony, the marks on my ass had nearly completely faded. There were a few red stripes on the outside of my thighs that lasted till the next day. I dream of a day when I may be whipped on a regular basis and required to always bear some marking of my submission and T's ownership of me.


Anonymous said...

You had a good idea for the flower supports. I'm sure they felt good on you. Not sure about having it used on my cock but if you enjoy it then go for it. I hope you had a chance to discuss the caning after and you related how you loved it. I would think she would need a little practice with it maybe 2-3 times a week to leave you well marked. We have used the plastic rod from window blinds and that is very stingy and leaves nice welts.

sub hub in phx said...

Holy smokes my friend. I envy your willingness and ability to crave the cane. The cane is something that I have steadfastly and passionately asked Mistress not to consider because I'm pretty certain that I wouldn't be able to take. Knowing Mistress K., I suspect that she took my pleas and socked that information away as an option for someday if she feels the need to punish me for a major infraction. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have been married for 4 years and it was clear she was the one in charge early on. She soon displayed an interest in smacking my bottom aftersaid to her that I thought her mother neede cookery lessons!She went wild and she gave me a hard spanking with her hair brush as i lay sqirming and kicking over her knees! Well things moved on and she bought a rattan cane I was shocked but she she soon used an opportunity to use it ! I stood in front of her and she removed my trouers as the lecture went on and theen were joined by my underpants! She orderd me to bend over and as she gave me the first stroke of 12,plus 4 penalty stokes for moving and trying to covermy bum! I gasped and cried out from th hard cuts on my bum and on my thighs! I had not felt such pain ,my bottomm and thighs were covered in red ridges and my bottom was suffused in red! I felt my eyes watering but I wa thennin the e corner for quite while!Any movement or attempt to rub my burning flesh earne hard slapsThat was only the fist of many more I recieved together with a strap and the martinet where the thin thongs went everywhere !

Anonymous said...

Exciting to picture getting whipped outside like that! Wow, can picture after you got your penis and front striped, you kneeling and hugging Her! i say so because i'd be absolutely doing the same! Guess you looked good for the wedding. Hope you didn't have to sit too much, lol sara e