Monday, October 05, 2015

Big F, small m

I followed a link from the Strict Julie blog to one called Tomy's wife.  Which lead to me reading a post on there from January 2014 that had a comment written by me!
I thought it was interesting so here it is:

Hi, Just found your blog today, I think a link from the long running, just concluded MBS blog.
My Bottom Smarts opened up many things to me, including learning that I was not alone in my feelings and also in introducing things like wife led relationships, tease and denial, etc.
I have been spanking my wife occasionally for many years and maybe once a year for my birthday I would get spanked. I realized that she liked to be spanked, but didn't seem to want it nearly as much as I. During the past year I have talked at length with her about wife led marriage. I have learned to be very attentive and helpful to her and she has become more comfortable with treating me as her submissive or sex slave.
She does still like to have me "take" her at times and be rough and domineering. Sometimes I still spank her, but I crave all the time that she will spank me and whip me hard with her belt.

So I guess you could say she has gone with my encouragement from a small "f" to a large one and I hope that she will continue to grow in that role and feel comfortable treating me as her small "m".

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Anonymous said...

i started out wanting to spank my Wife as well. She wasn't a huge fan, but i thought it would be good for our "fun" relationship. Well, we found out soon enough that actually i preferred being the spankee! Wife likes a paddle as to not hurt Her hands, most of the time anyway :) sara