Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pins & needles, oh my!

I have been doing some cross dressing for a few years now. I often wear panties and even bought a new pair for myself recently. A few months ago my wife said I needed something sexier to wear at home in the evening rather than baggy sweatpants and she gave me an old pair of her black yoga pants. I wear them nearly every day now. My interest in cross dressing has been getting stronger lately and I recently spent some time trying on several of my wife's dresses. This was very exciting.
She also gave me an old flannel night shirt of hers to wear. It was a Casper the ghost shirt, so not only is it feminine, but also juvenile. I have worn it to shreds and asked her recently if she could get me a new nightie for me birthday.
She is an avid sewer and bought some fabric to make me something. She showed me a pattern for a little baby doll nightie. With winter coming on I was thinking of something warmer, but in the red color fabric she bought, it should be hot!
Last night she showed me the fabric, then draped it around me to see how the color, (red with gold sparkles) would look on me. She fashioned a top, then a short skirt based on a leather belt buckled around my bare waist. Then she wrapped the fabric through my crotch to model a sort of panties. Things got interesting when she got her pin cushion and used straight pins to make some tucks and form the fabric tighter to my crotch. She pinned it up between my ass cheeks, then started pinning it formed around my cock and balls. I was having some very erotic thoughts about the pins poking me as she stuck them carefully through the fabric. I was breathing very heavily, maybe even moaning. She looked me in the eye and asked if I was good with this. “Oh yes”, I groaned. She pinned very close to my ass crack, then had me crouch down. The pins along the edges of the fabric poked me in the ass. It was so exciting! Then she pinned very close to my cock and balls and had me bend forward to make the pins poke me there. Unfortunately, they didn't really poke me much and I was hoping that she would just shove the pin through the fabric and stab me.
She was getting hot too and laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide for me to eat her pussy. As I did so the pins were stabbing me in the ass. Her pussy was super hot and wet and I was very excited to lap it up and lick and suck her clit. After a few minutes she pushed me away. She told me to prepare the bed and get the magic wand out. I put down a waterproof pad and a towel and got out the vibrator while she went to the bathroom.
When she came back I kissed her as she fondled my wrapped and pinned cock and balls. She started using the vibrator on herself and I pulled the pins out of the crotch cover and reinserted them straight in. Some of them did poke me as I did so. She was getting very hot and told me to take the ones from my ass out. I did so and put them in my mouth like a seamstress. When there were too many to fit in my mouth I started sticking them into the fabric around my cock and balls. There were several layers of fabric so I really had to shove them in.
My wife is a nurse and I have long fantasized about her sticking needles into my cock and balls. Now, as she built toward her orgasm I began sticking these straight pins through the fabric and into the skin on my cock and balls. She was trying to hold off her orgasm till I got all of them pulled out from around my ass and stuck in my crotch. It was obvious by my reactions that I was poking them in me.
When I had only one left, I asked her where I should put it. She pointed out a spot and said that there was nothing there. I stabbed that pin hard into the base of my cock. At that sight she began to orgasm. Her cries of pleasure were met by my cries of pain as I pushed several pins into my cock head.

As she came down from her orgasm, I pulled the pins out with grunts of pain for some that were stuck in more than others. She noticed a wet spot on the red fabric. “I think you are bleeding!”, she exclaimed. We unwrapped the fabric and there were several bloody spots on my cock and balls.
I didn't care, it was super exciting and I hope that the blood didn't scare her away from sticking pins and needles in my cock and balls in the future.

Of course, I did not have an orgasm during this. She did and we both happily fell asleep.
The next morning I was shocked to see that the whole underside of my cock was covered with purple bruises from scrotum to foreskin. Apparently this is what happens when you poke pins into a bofy part that has lots of  very full blood vessels.
What a badge of honor to remember this by until they fade. Every time I go to the bathroom I see a reminder.

I am looking forward to helping her sew my nighties. I have also hinted that a maids uniform might be useful!


Slave David said...

Thats so hot Mr Bill. I love for Mistress to dress me in slutty, revealing clothes. We've talked about getting me a french maid outfit, which I find to be very hot. When your talented wife is done making your sexy red outfit, it would be nice to see a pic of you modeling it. It might make me jealous.

Anonymous said...

Could you please email me at marieanddavid127 at gmail dot com
I saw your comment on monkey in a cage regarding the unforseen circumstances and I want to reach out to you.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. As a crossdressing sub hubby myself, i know the excitement of getting new "fem" clothes to wear. Your Wife really set you up with those pins, and it sounded like fun. The colors the next day, though, yikes! sara elise

Anonymous said...

i'm another who really has enjoyed switching to yoga pants around the house. So comfy! Wife likes them too!
It is soo awesome your wife is making you a new outfit! So thoughtful of Her! Of course, you'll never get a good fit if you keep tenting your panty area like that, lol!
Oh, back to yoga pants... no pockets.. so i've taken to putting my cellphone in waistband across the back.. i guess as a woman would do! (another thing is tucking it in a bra, for the few days i wear one around here).
A couple pins sound exciting... but wow, you really went all out!! (luv the putting pins in mouth like seamstress... can picture that) sara