Monday, December 14, 2015

serving and panties

I haven't posted anything in quite some time, just too busy to write about it.
Our empty nest has not been quite as eventful and life changing as I had dreamed, but there is certainly a change and progress in our relationship.  T is enjoying having me do dishes and laundry on a regular basis.  I do little things like unfastening her bra each evening, taking her shoes off when she comes home and drying her feet after a shower.
The past two weekends were very busy painting our dining room, ceiling and walls, including installing a new light fixture.  We worked together, went to a party each weekend in between work.
All 4 days of those weekends, she had me dress in panties.  At one point I scrubbed the floor in panties and she bent me over and gave me an ass whipping with an extension cord.  Then knelt in front of me and took my erect cock in her mouth, quickly brought me to the edge, and left me denied and wanting more.
We are enjoying our empty nest.


lovetosubmit said...

Glad you are having fun! Suzy bought me the most femine panties she could find and forced me to wear them to work (she also locked me in chastity). She said specifically to humiliate me. I must say that being feminized is not really my thing, but her "making" me wear them made it a nice experience. Not sure why she never did that again. It was fun at the time.

I'd like to do a complete role reversal, her in say, a football jersey or something would be interesting!


Anonymous said...

We seem to be on a similar path/point. Empty nest now, but moving slowly. Painting (lol!). And, in panties!
i enjoy the panties; Wife gets a good laugh from time to time, and spanks me in them when She wants. She teases me about not letting them show at parties :) sara

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bill- Could i ask a question i've been wondering about many of us sub men? As a crossdress-interested sub, i have my own panty drawer (lots) and a few bras.
i typically just pick what i want to wear for the day (Wife rarely tells me to make another choice, and half the time, doesn't even inquire during the day).
But, even though it's obvious i wear them, i get spanked in them, and we wash them together, i find it totally embarrassing to put lingerie on in front of her in the bedroom -- especially bras! I guess bras are just a special form of femininity.. no real reason for me to wear one. Do you have the same situation, being unduly embarrsssed getting dressed in front of her?
Thanks, sara

MRBILL said...

Yes, I do get embarrassed when dressing in lingerie in front of her. She rarely has me wear panties, so those past two weekends were great. She picks a pair from her selection of "special" panties that she doesn't wear on a regular basis. Most of them I gave her as gifts. A few I picked out because I was hoping to wear them. I have one pair so far that I bought for myself and keep in my drawer. I feel that since they are mine I can wear them whenver I want. Maybe I should buy a whole lot more!
I have casually mentioned to my wife that I have read of women who discard all their husbands underwear and replace it all with panties, leaving them with no choice. She does not find that as interesting as I do!
I have one old worn out bra of hers in my drawer that I rarely wear. I would love to have her make me wear a bra though, particularly after finding the "brassierred" website.
I am also a crossdress-interested sub, who fantasizes about being a maid for my wife or even a slave wife for her. Okay, tenting my yoga pants now!

Anonymous said...

Bill- Thanks for your reply.
Ha, I laughed at the end of your post, because i'm in yoga pants right now!! Too funny :)
Yes, i also gave Wife panties/lingerie as gifts for years... and found She never really wore them. Of course, they were ones i thought were ones nice to wear. Like here, guess you all are about the same size. My Wife is just a little larger than me. :)
It was a big step for me to buy my first panties for "my own" drawer! I got three satiny VS ones... another big step when i first tossed one in the hamper, *knowing* it would raise a question or two! Whew. But it all worked really well.
Now, i have two drawers ... likely over 100 panties plus some other bras, etc. The first ones were the hardest to buy and wash, etc... now, She is not surprised and it's almost routine! She'll ask "did you buy another new panty" and honestly, with that many i often say, actually I got it a while ago.
It sound like you're ready to "bite the bullet" and get some more panties for yourself, to me anyway! :) Great time for you to shop for 'Valentines Day' LOL! :D
Yes, i'd read about getting all one's male pants tossed out. But, now i have maybe 10-15 male underwear, plus the others... works well. Oh, i've read the Brassiered website too -- it really is good, and makes alot of sense to me, as well!! Would you have your wife read that site? (honestly, i think i'm too much of a pussy to have my Wife read it :) )
i wore a bra under my couple layers of clothes last Saturday. It was took my Wife a few hours to notice! (she finally felt the straps, after a couple times). She said i'd be punished for sneaking a bra, but hasn't done anything about it yet.
i must say, doing errands is way better when you're dressed in panties, as a minimum! i'd also like to have a maid outfit, but don't think the Wife is ready to go that far.
Great chatting... sara