Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Shaving follow up

Follow up to how long I will be hairless.  My wife will be having surgery in 2 weeks. Hysterectomy, so there will be no vaginal sex for awhile.  I am fine with that as there are so many other things to do.
She will be out of work for about 6 weeks and she told me that she thinks I should keep myself shaved for at least that long.
I am sure she will have little interest in sex during that time, so it will be up to me to keep up the interest and pretend I am being denied.
Two nights ago she got me hard as we were going to bed.  She had me fuck her for a few minutes.  She said we have to do that while we can.  As we fucked we were talking about the last time we had sex as she ass fucked me as I lay on my back with my clean shaven legs spread wide.  She was using the magic wand on here clit and brought herself to orgasm as we said things like I was a slut for her to fuck and how she fucked the cum right out of me.  I don't know how I managed to control myself and not come as I told her I wished to be her slave wife.
After she came and recovered a little she told me that "these things" are really turning her on more now.  I presume that these things are me being her submissive and having my boi pussy  fucked.
"New pathways", she said.
Then she told me to take my hard cock out of here and go to sleep.
sweet dreams


Anonymous said...

Submission can be wonderful and for a dominate wife there are so many positions she can "take" her boi in. Mistress R often refers to my back door as my man pussy and prior to taking me she will tell me to spread my pussy lips (my cheeks). I love to talk to her while she has her way with me telling her I love to have her inside of me and to pump me good.

Florida Dom said...

Nice to hear that "these things'' are turning her on more. And I hope the new pathways will continue to be good for both of you and hope her surgery goes well.


sublove said...

That was a hot little exchange you described there. It's not a fantasy when you're actually living it, she getting turned on by you saying you want to be her slave wife. Just awesome! From what she said it sounds like you won't have to 'pretend' you're being denied very hard, maybe she'll take this time to tease you verbally a bit more. Her down time after surgery should give you ample opportunity to be that slave wife you mentioned :)

I hope all goes well with the procedure for your wife and you guy can get back to all the joys of FLM as soon as possible!

MRBILL said...

Yes, that "down time" for her will be lots of time for me to be of service. I actually wish that she would "use" me more for her needs and not feel that she has to ask me if I would do something for her.
The way it is said can make such a difference.
I forgot to mention that during that scene she had placed a plastic hair "scrunchie" on my cock. It is quite a neat little toy that has plastic teeth on the inside and holds in place quite well when squeezed around a clump of hair or a hardening cock. She said that chastity belts of old had teeth on the outside to keep the male from the female.
I mentioned that there are now chastity devices that can be placed on the male and that certain models can have teeth placed on the inside to torture the cock as it tries to become erect. She seemed to think that was interesting and I hope that I can follow up on that and pursue possibly getting a chastity device to use on me.
That may be useful during her 6 weeks of down time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have your "plan" for being hairless set by Her now, then. Sorry about the down time you two will have.
Reading your comment above, and knowing She will need a fair bit of assistance, it might be good to get a "maid" outfit for you, so you will be more fully helpful during Her recovery. Seriously, great time for it. Wow, remaining chaste for that whole period... that would certainly be something, and get you further into the head-space of serving Her.
Hard to believe (ha) that you didn't cum from that fucking!

MRBILL said...

I don't expect to have any problem going 6 weeks without cumming, have gone longer in the past while being teased and denied. She is not expecting to have any interest in sex during most of this time ( I hope she is wrong!) and doesn't really want me to either.
Latest word on the shaving is she thinks she will have me grow it during the down time so I won't be aroused by keeping myself shaved.
I totally agree about the maid outfit. She wasn't going through some older clothes the other day and decided on getting rid of some. I commented on a few that I thought her maid could wear! She did set aside a batch of cute little crop tops that she thought I might like.
Would I ever! I have worn two already including sleeping in one the other night. She even handed me a matching pair of panties to wear with it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great about you getting a couple of new outfits! :) Good thing that you commented, saving them. i'll bet you two thought you looked cute in them in bed the other day. What color is the one with matching panties? ;)

She's probably right about letting your hair grow during those six weeks; i figure you're a bit disappointed.

Was just upstairs and my Wife's knees were over on my side... thought about how you'd deal with that! Rules are i let my Wife start all sex stuff together, though. i do love it when She pushes a knee between my legs, gets the submissive feeling going. When She rests a hand near my breasts, She knows i won't move, hoping She'll play with them a little, but that rarely happens :)

Have a great one,