Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cage time

Last Sunday I put the purple chastity device on my cock and presented myself to T.  "I took the liberty of taking my liberty away.", I said to her as I handed her the keys and asked her to lock me up.
She did and kept the keys.  I wore the cage all day.  Being the first time I wore it for so long was interesting.  First time peeing with the cage on.  I had to sit of course, but I am already to trained to do that all the time.  It wasn't bad, although it's strange being wet in the tube all day.  I put one of T's shields in my pink panties to catch the drips.
In the evening she unlocked my cock and played with it. She got me hard and on the edge, then left me that way.  She said that she doesn't really like the device because it doesn't let her play with my cock.  Not like she is doing that all the time!  She said she finds the device "intimidating".
Perhaps we won't make it a regular thing.  After fantasizing for years about it, this was somewhat disappointing.
Well, I want her to be in control, so if she doesn't like me wearing it, I won't.
There are many other things she does for me.

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