Sunday, March 13, 2016

Locked up at last

As my wife's surgery and our period of abstinence drew near we enjoyed our last chance and I actually began to anticipate the required chastity. I have been interested in male chastity devices ever since reading a blog called “The key is on my nipple ring” years ago. The blog has long since disappeared, but the introduction to enforced chastity along with the alluring thought of a woman keeping the key to her husband's cock attached to her body in such a location was exciting.
I began to think that maybe our chastity period might be the time to try out a device and I finally ordered not one but two on Amazon. One was suggested by Hannah at
This is a entry level silicone model. Nice and cheap to try this stuff out. The other one is also a cheap silicone model, slightly more secure by design. One is pink, the other purple. Very feminine colors.
On Valentines day, T asked what I was planning to do that day. I said “What ever you tell me to do”.
So I was hoping to be her subbie for the day. Fortunately, she started by taking me to the bedroom to dress me appropriately. I presented her with a bag containing the two boxes of chastity devices.
She was quite surprised, since she had never even seen such a thing before. We opened them and checked them out, then fitted the pink one on to my cock and balls. I was thrilled when she snapped the lock shut and kept the keys.
This was several weeks ago and I don't remember all we did that day. I did get her an ice cream cake with “I'm Yours” on the top.
We did finish the day by going to bed early and releasing me from the cage and having some great sex including orgasms for both of us.

Potentially the last time for at least 6 weeks.


Anonymous said...

I hope the surgery turns out the best. I would guess that period of time would be great for trying chastity as the desire to get out will be less and you might enjoy wearing it more. I have heard bad stories of the style you bought I hope yours works. Would be nice to hear how it's going.

Florida Dom said...

Nice that you are locked up at last. It must make you feel more submissive. Keep us informed how things go in the future. Hopefully, she will decide you need to be locked up on a long term basis. And hope the devices work although you can order others if they don't


Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a sweet story...and exciting as hell, too!
i love how you presented your chastity devices to your Wife on Valentine's Day! And, that She had taken you up on your offer to be her sub-slut that day! i've been torn about whether to do chastity with my Wife here...exciting, but i'm too scared honestly as well. Still, look forward to good news from you and a follow-up report!
hug, sara

lovetosubmit said...

How is the lockup going? We don't play with a device that much these days, but we did have a fun ritual of her coming right after she snaps the key shut. What a turnon, to be locked and have the attempted erection when she freely climaxes! Do you have an anticipated orgasm date?