Friday, June 03, 2016

Blue balls

I haven't posted in some time, of course just so busy.  Though nothing extraordinary, there have been some things happening that were worth posting about.
Just a few days ago, T strung me up on the screen porch and used a bamboo stick to cane my ass and thighs.  With a little encouragement in the hot shower the next day, I have some nice bruises on the front of my thighs to remember my caning for while.

She has belt whipped me a few times as "punishment" for leaving the lid open on the wipes container.
With the warm weather I would love to be able to go naked in the evening or wear skimpy feminine wear, but the Little Princess is home from college, so our private time is again limited.
She is attending a college in the next town, living on campus, so we did see her often during the school year.  One such occasion was about a month ago. We were having some fun in the kitchen and T had me sitting on the kitchen counter, shorts down, as she sucked my cock.  I was trying desperately to not come with out permission when the dining room door burst open and Little Princess entered!  I leaped across the kitchen with erect cock waving.  I think she will make more noise before entering the house unexpected in the future.

T makes Ukranian Easter eggs with bright colors and recently was talking about needing to make up some new batches of dye.  Somehow we both got the idea of coloring my eggs.  The next morning after our shower she had me fetch the blue and red dye and a couple small paint brushes. She proceeded to paint my cock red and my balls blue! Now I literally did have blue balls.  I had no idea how long it would stay that way.  She presented me with a pair of lace panties to wear along with a panty liner.  The red did stain the panty liner, especially when I dribbled pre-cum.  The next day, she washed the dye off and sad to say it came off quite easily.  I really hoped it would last a week or more.

T does continue to appreciate having me do chores for her.  I tell her often that I don't mind and in fact enjoy when she tells me what to do.  I love to serve her and be owned by her.


submanhub said...

Oh so much fun. So envious

Anonymous said...

Mr. B- Wow, love getting your "apparatus" painted by T! That could look so nice!
The idea of being "strung up" outside sounds wonderful... too bad the houses are close enough that would be difficult here. Hmm, maybe there is someplace we could go on a walk!
i too love feminine clothes, and T dressing you sounds great here. i'm usually in panties. Maybe next time She paints you, she could use pink (heh) to reinforce your status! :)
We also have son here over the Summer from college. It does interfere with fun and dressing. Sounds like your daughter will be more careful in the future!