Monday, September 19, 2016

My Queen

My wife and I are planning a special trip for our anniversary in October (a few weeks after the actual date) and I have suggested that we renew our vows. I of course am thinking heavy on the obey part and based on what I have read here I suggested that my role could become that of slave wife. She is opposed to the term from a feminist standpoint, but she also does not feel ready to accept the role of dominance that I am asking of her.
However, she continually makes progress in becoming more comfortable with being in control of me including alluding to it in front of others, whether I am there to be humiliated in person or not. Yesterday she was with her sister and family and she told them “jokingly” that her name was spelled Q-U-E-E-N or I-N-C-H-A-R-G-E.
She also enjoys teasing me sexually, making me beg to cum and then denying me.
I am wondering if my period of denial will last till our trip in October.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully She will find one or two ways to humiliatingly show She is in charge during your trip.
And, giving Her a couple special "vows" to do things when you get back home may interest Her further!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Mr. Bill. From reading your blog the progression of your FLM is apparent. Things rarely happen on the timetable we want them to. I hope you two make the most of your trip and she gets a good dose of her doting and faithful submissive. I look forward to the return report!