Monday, October 10, 2016

Tropical dreams

My wife and I will be going to Florida at the end of this week. We will be staying at a nice cottage on the island with a sailboat there to use whenever we wish.
Last night as I was doing my evening stretches, which included her spreading my legs wide and high, she mentioned going skinny dipping while out sailing.  Then she said it would be fun to have me wearing one of her bathing suits.  I replied that was just what I had been fantasizing about that morning.  I actually salvaged a white crochet one piece bathing suit that she was getting rid of and kept it to wear myself someday.  Maybe this will be the time.  I dream of getting some very feminine tan lines!

I have also been looking forward to the cooler weather and end of shorts season when she has indicated that she may shave my legs again.  This trip has been loosely identified as when that may happen.  But we will be in Florida with temps in the 80s (F), so I will likely be wearing shorts and revealing my shaved, womanly legs. OMG, I am so excited at the thought of being exposed like that!

I have been allowed to keep my cock and balls shaved all the time, but not my pubic mound.  A few days ago while shaving, I shaved the small amount of hair growing from my belly to waist band.  When I told T about this she was disappointed as she wanted to be the one to remove that hair in an area that would be visible if I went without a shirt.  Several years ago, when she shaved my pubes, it was very exciting when she went "above the line".  She checked out my shave job while stretching me and found that I did a lousy job anyway, so she can certainly still shave there.

I will definitely be packing the electric hair clippers so she can make me as clean shorn as possible.

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Anonymous said...

All that pesky hair huh? Although if it wasn't there in the first place it wouldn't feel so special when she wants it trimmed or shaved. My wife simply hates stubble of any kind, anywhere. For some of us that stubble reappears rather quickly, making it almost impossible to be properly presentable to Her at all times. I keep my pubes trimmed between an eighth and quarter inch and then pluck my cock and balls once every three weeks or so. There's no stubble, just slow, softer growth coming back that doesn't bother her which becomes easy enough to tweeze after a couple weeks.

It all sound pretty sexy Bill, I hope your tan line dreams come true!