Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Panty whipped

Last night my wife asked me to bring some clothes hangers from the bedroom.  I forgot.  Shortly after she called me to the bedroom to "prepare" for doing dishes.  This usually means I either place some type of implement on my genitals or dress feminine.
I presumed that I needed to put something on and dropped my yoga pants as I realized she was getting a belt off the hook. Apparently I was getting a punishment for not getting the hangers.  I bent over the foot of the bed and immediately received a stinging strike of the belt.  She was using it full length rather than folded over and it was very stingy.  She could tell that I was feeling it more than usual.  After a good number of whippings to get my ass red I made some comment about being like a girl.  Maybe we had mentioned my hair and shaving my legs next week.
She said "speaking of being girly, I bought something for you".  She pulled a pair of turquoise colored lace panties out of a bag and handed them to me.  The back is completely lace and the front has a cute bow.  She told me to put them on and model for her.  I did so, then knelt before her and handed her the belt, "Please whip me with my panties on", I asked her.
She had me bend over in front of the mirror so I could see my pantied ass being striped with the belt.
Afterwards, she had me sit on her lap, facing away from her as she fondled my panty encased cock and balls and reached up my shirt to tweak my nipples.  I did create a wet spot in the panties that she teased me about.  Then she told me to go do the dishes.

This was a very moving occasion as it is the first time she has actually bought something feminine for me to wear.  She has had me wear things often in the past, but I feel that buying something for me goes beyond tolerating my cross dressing to endorsing it. We have talked about our vacation trip next week and she has talked about having me be naked or dressed feminine including stockings, shoes and a cute little dress while in the cottage. And of course, bring a belt!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Her buying your some panties!! Pretty teal ones at that!
You were brave to be asked to be punished more after She put the panties on you. i too like my nipples pinched... but it can be rough as well!

MRBILL said...

I believe that I am basically a masochist as I genuinely enjoy when my wife my whips my ass. She has not done it long or hard enough for me to truly want her to stop.
I also love it when she tortures my nipples very painfully.