Thursday, November 03, 2016

Happy Birthday

IT's my birthday!
Okay, not a big deal.  I thought perhaps my month or so of orgasm denial might be released for my birthday.  But T surprised me 3 days ago and told me to come while we were fucking.
It was a great orgasm as she covered my mouth with her hand to try and keep me from being too loud as our son was home.  I think I was loud anyway, it was sooo good!

Hoping for a birthday spanking soon, but we are traveling to visit in laws this weekend, so won't have a chance for a while.

T did tell me that it would be up to me whether I kept my legs shaved through to the upcoming Dr. appointment.  Then she said maybe she would "make" me keep them that way and have me go with shaved legs.  That sounds so scary yet exciting.  It's kind of like cross dressing, if someone is making you do it, it's okay, because it wasn't my choice.  I know that medical professionals have probably seen nearly everything and could not care less about a nearly 60 year old man who shaves his legs.
Well, I guess it would not be too bad if I'm not wearing pretty panties at the time, now that would be embarrassing!


sublove said...

At the doctors wearing panties? Embarrassing indeed, especially if it's your PCP. However the legs.. I say go for it, you know you want it!! *wink

If you live in clim's where men are in shorts I bet you'll find a lot more shaved legs that there used to be. My son ran track in HS and that's what the boys did. "For performance". He ended up keeping them shaved, he's in college now, and when I said something about it he gave me one of those "Dad's from outer space " looks as if it was completely normal.

Out with the old, in with the new I guess.

Good luck at the doc!

Anonymous said...

My Wife covers my mouth too, when i get to cum!
Yes, would be scary seeing your long-term doc like that!~sara