Tuesday, January 08, 2019

vibed and controlled

It has been quite some time since I wrote anything. That usually indicates either a lull in the activities or just all is good and proceeding. Sex life has taken a hit over the past year and a half since our oldest son moved home, followed not long after by our youngest daughter who is attending college near enough to commute. So much for empty nesting!
There have been some occasional hot sex scenes that I have not written up since I really didn't get a chance to at the time. One of the reasons for writing this journal was to remember these scenes. I will try to capture the basic activities of a few that I remember, even though it won't be a detailed story.

First off though, I have read about people doing “chemical torture”, meaning applying some type of lotion to the skin that may cause a reaction. Usually this is something menthol like BenGay or IcyHot.
I have been curious about this since reading about a woman who used this to punish her husband when she could not spank him when the kids were home. She would tie him to the bed naked, apply IcyHot to his cock and balls and leave him locked in the bedroom for an hour to ponder his burning bits and better behavior in the future.

I bought a tube of icy hot today. I put some on my balls, spread it all around. It does cause an interesting cold burning sensation. Of course my cock got aroused at this and started to erect, so I put some icy hot on the head, then spread it all down the shaft. Might as well jump right in! So I am writing this as my cock and balls are burning. It is not too bad, tolerable, but a very constant reminder.
I think I will offer the tube to T and see if she would be interested in tormenting me with it. She does like to tease!

Just the other day we had just got out of the shower in the morning. I was naked and hoping for some attention. T picked up a back scratcher that I got recently. It is shaped like a tiny metal hand, with fingers to scratch with. She gently scratched it on my balls, then cock. She eventually got to scratching my cock pretty hard with and and using the little metal fingers to pull wide the opening on my cock head. I was very excited!

She then had me turn around and bend over. She scratched my ass very well, then moved between my legs, eventually getting right in there and scratching my ass hole. She spread my rosebud wide with the little metal fingers. I was soo hot, then she flipped the tool around and poked my ass hole with the handle. She put it in my and fucked me in the boy pussy. My cock was super hard and dripping precum, which she wiped off and fed to me.

She had my fuck her then. Then she had me eat her. At one point she was playing with my cock and sucking the head while she spanked my ass. She had me eat her again and she came, squirting into my mouth.

Last month I bought a new sex toy, a vibrating butt plug with a remote control. I thought it would be very fun to give T control of something like that. I do love giving her control of things to do with my body. I have a ritual now of “dressing” to do dishes. This means putting something on my cock and balls. I usually present myself to T for inspection to show her what I have put on before starting the dishes. This night she told me to get dressed for dishes. She said to put the new vibrating plug in, put on a flowered apron and bring the remote control to her.
She had a great time tormenting me while I did the dishes, turning the vibration on and off, changing the pattern. She especially liked surprising me when she switched it on and watching me jump.
After the dishes were done we watched tv for awhile during which she would occasionally switch on the vibe just to watch my reaction.

We went to bed and she played with the vibe and got me hard. She had me give her a good fucking then. Of course no cumming allowed for me.

This is exactly what also happened on New Years Day but that time she ran the vibe in my boy pussy and told me to come hard in her. I had a roaring orgasm. She said that since it was on New Years day she would be able to know how long she was denying me in the new year.
I do hope it will be for a long time in a tiny cage.

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