Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Craving control

I posted a response to a blog post on one of my favorite blogs "Male Chastity Journal".
It got a bit long so I thought I would copy it here.

Just like so many men, I am excited by the feeling of submission brought about by my wife having control over me.  This is enhanced by doing humiliating things or being "forced" to do or wear something.
I wear panties all the time now.  Yes, it just becomes forgotten about when they are under my pants just like any underwear.  There may be a momentary reminder when I go to the bathroom and see them, but that's it.
Years ago I read of men who were required to wear panties, even having all their men's underwear disposed of, leaving no choice.  Oh, how I craved to have my wife control me in that way. Oh well, most women don't really care about these things so I bought my own panties and replaced my briefs with them.
So many times, in the heat of passion, I have implored my wife to own me, use me, abuse me even in any way she desires. No time for that when life is taken up with TV, facebook and sewing projects.
Am I complaining here?  I suppose so, but when she does take an interest it is wonderful, so I shall appreciate what I have, continue to love and serve her as best I can and enjoy reading about other people wearing purple panties and bunny tails.
I do have a nice long fox tail, she has never made me wear it. pout

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