Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fake it!

Well, I haven't had a chance to write in a few weeks or so, but there has been some great sex action including some female control/led/dom.  After that last session where she fingered my ass hole till I came, I told her it was terrific and I owed her.  The next day I brought her flowers to let her know that I really enjoyed it.  Then she has had numerous orgasms to my few.  I have kissed and licked her pussy nearly every day before leaving for work, just to start her day off well.

Last night she came home from a 4 day trip out of town with our daughters.  She had told me that I should bring myself to the edge often and not come. ONe time though while I was trying to edge my self and stop the orgasm by squeezing my balls, I came anyway, really hard and loud. 
When we went to bed last night we were both very tired, but she came to bed without panties, usually an invitation.  She put her knees up in front of her and I responded by grinding my cock and balls against them.
I told her that I had missed her and her knees.  She asked if I had been able to hold off while she was away and I confessed that I had slipped up and come once.  She said that maybe I needed to be disciplined for that and I agreed that I should.  I had scrubbed the kitchen floor for her while she was away, naked, bound, and on my hands and knees.  She thought I should do that again as discipline. I agreed that I should and suggested that she might also deny my orgasm for some time.  She thought that would be interesting too.
After getting us all worked up, we agreed that we needed to get to sleep, kissed passionately and turned out the light. 
During the night I woke to find her sleeping face down, bare assed.  I couldn't resist giving her a kiss on the ass check when I returned from the bathroom and left it at that.  She made a little sound and then asked if I wouldn't like to hop on her right now?  I would and kissed her ass thoroughly as my hard on woke up, then I got behind her and slid my cock in her pussy.  I gave her a good fucking, but I certainly didn't want to come now since I was due for some denial.  She asked if I was close to coming and I gave a positive indication.
"Good", she said, "I want you to pretend you are coming and then stop."  Wow, that's a new one, and hard to comply with at this point, but I used every bit of my self control to pretend I was coming complete with hard fucking and moans and groans and neck biting.  Then I stopped.  AFter a moment she said "that was fun and now I could have you fuck me again right away!"  I don't know how long that would last, but she told me instead to try and go to sleep now.  I thought I would never get to sleep, but I did pulled out, rolled over and eventually did sleep. 
I'm looking forward to her teasing and finding out how long my disciplined denial will last.

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Anonymous said...

omg-- i would never sleep after that!! sara