Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'll tell you when you want to come

Yes, TW has been taking to the FLR more all the time.  We were at a wedding last weekend and we got separated in the crowd at the reception for the first 20 minutes or so.  When we got together she told me that I was to tell her where I was going if I left her for the rest of the evening.
She was away for three nights last week and told me that I should think about sex with her as much as possible, particularly when I was in places that usually did not involve sex.  So I thought of her as I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, naked, balls bound and dragging a full 20 oz bottle from them and my ankles hobbled.  And with a riding crop to my ass when I spilled water.
Or naked in her garden weeding.
I masturbated often, to the edge without orgasm, until I accidentally went too far.  I brought myself to the edge and thought if I squeezed my balls it might stop the cum, but instead it gave me a mindblowing orgasm.

I told TW of my accidental cum when she returned and "suggested" that I needed to be disciplined.  She thought that teasing and denial for longer was appropriate since I desperately wanted to have fulfilling sex with her after her absence.  But what I really want is for her to take control and deny orgasm.
She did that on our last night together before I left for 3 nights at scout camp. She had said before the wedding that she expected to let me come before I went away.  I really wanted to as we had some great foreplay all afternoon, but I hoped that she would make it go longer.

That evening we had some great sex, oral for both of us, intercourse, and eventually she pushed me away and said "no coming for you!"  I thanked her for taking control and told her that I really enjoyed her taking ownership of my cock and balls and hoped that she would lock them up often.

I'm now back from my 3 nights away.  My last orgasm was 11 days ago when I had the accident.  The last time with TW I'm not sure, but has been at least 14 days since she allowed me to come.  Will I come today or in a few days?  She will tell me when.

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Anonymous said...

Dragging the 20oz bottle by your balls while scrubbing floor, bath etc sounds interesting. And painful. i should know better than to want to try this..but now i know it will happen sometime! sara