Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fantasy berry picking

So, it's been a week and a half and we've been traveling and camping for half that time.  Not too conducive to sex games with the youngest daughter and friend along and sleeping close by.  A few teases, some knee humping during the night.  One night as I ground my balls against her knees, TW spun a quick fantasy about the berry picking we would be doing the next day.  She said imagine that you are picking blackberries (very thorny bushes) wearing chaps with your naked cock and balls exposed to the thorns.  The next day as we toiled in the patch, sweating with long pants and sleeves, she said "imagine you are wearing just chaps".  As the backs of my hands were all scratched up it was an interesting thing to imagine.  When we got done, TW showed me her forearms and said that at one point there were trickles of blood on them from the thorns.  I thought of my upper thighs, cock and balls and white ass scratched and bleeding like that.  Pretty intense, then I thought of her soft white breasts subjected to the same, yow!.  That night she mentioned whipping me with a slender branch, "what do they call that" she asked.  "A switch" I replied and thought of those stories I've read years ago of the Victorians and the birches they used to inflict brutal whippings.  Yes, some interesting fantasies.  For now.

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Anonymous said...

We need to get you some nettles :)