Thursday, August 02, 2012

2 weeks - howling at the moon

Is this the new standard?  2 weeks between the orgasms that I am allowed.  Oh, I have gone that long before, but this is 2 weeks of teasing, hot sex including intercourse, without being allowed to come.  I love it.
Yes, after that last post I did not come that night.  She was tired so nothing happened. But the next night we played and the whole following day was one long tease session and I finally was granted release on Sunday.
Then another two weeks including some super hot sex sessions before I got to come again a few days ago.
After being permitted orgasm during intercourse on Tuesday morning we had some really hot sex that evening.  I did dishes while my balls were tied to the kitchen cabinets. Then TW lead me by my ball harness outside naked and attached my ball harness to the dog run and made me stand with my back pressed into the rough bark of a large tree while she went back inside to take a shower. There was a full moon shining and she said I could bark or howl if I liked what I saw through the bathroom window.  It was hilarious when I barked at her bare ass (a full moon) and our dog in the house started barking back at me!
After her shower she came out and used a small flogger on my body front and back. It was dark enough that she couldn't see if I was getting red and she gave my ass a good hard flogging.  Then she lead me to the dog house and bent over it and told me to fuck her.  She pulled up her shirt in the front and let her nipples grind on the roof shingles.  After I had fucked her for a few minutes she changed places with me and bent me over the house and ground my hard cock and my nipples into the shingles as she flogged me then pressed down on me with her full body weight.
Then we went into the house and up to bed where she had me eat her pussy.  Finally she used the magic wand vibrator to bring herself to a squirting orgasm after which she finally released my bound balls and went to sleep with my balls crushed against her knees.


Anonymous said...

Hello there Bill. Its nice to see your blog..I will have to catch up on yours as well..when I have a bit more time. almost time for work. I am looking forward to it. you little moon howler you..ha

Anonymous said...

i can only believe you did Her doggy-style there! :)
i do love the idea of roughing up nipples w/sex....shingles would do it. We used to have a desk-edge that was the right height for getting mine "treated" :) sara