Tuesday, November 06, 2012

An O., a D.

Some fun activities the past few weeks. One morning after a extra long goodbye “kiss” on T's pussy I was very aroused too and ended up with quite a wet spot in my underwear from precum. I mentioned that later to T and said I needed a panty shield. The next day after she had me aroused in the afternoon and was sending me on my way with a hard on, she said wait, and got out a panty shield and stuck it in the front of my boxer briefs. It was extra tough zipping up my jeans with that and the hardon in there.
I kept the shield attached to my shorts all day and it was a pleasant reminder everytime I saw it of my arousal and of my submissiveness to T. I think it would be very interesting if she makes me wear a full size sanitary pad someday. That would cause a bulge in my shorts!

On Saturday morning I woke up very aroused and started thinking about the time that T made me sleep with my head down by her crotch. I decided to just go for it and wriggled my body under the covers, letting my legs fold up at the bottom of the bed. My head was completely under the covers and I couldn't see a thing. I pressed my face forward and was surprised to bump up against bare bottom. By this time T had finally figured out what the heck I was doing behind her. I started kissing her ass and finally made my way down to her pussy and kissed and licked it. I gave her a good pussy eating, including tonguing her asshole. Finally she pulled me up and had me fuck her for while, then she got out the vibrator and got herself off.

That evening we were both tired but started to cuddle and got aroused. She got out the vibrator and used it on my cock. It was very intense, now I know why she cums when she puts that thing on her clit.
She wanted me to fuck her and I did. I was thinking that I didn't want to come yet so that I could be good and submissive for her the next day. But then I started to fantasize about eating my come out of her pussy the next morning and that got me really close to coming. T knew I was close and said it was okay to come. I had only been fucking for a very short time and yet I came very hard.

The next morning we slept late and there was no time for any pussy eating, even if she somehow thought of me doing that. WE had a very busy, stressful afternoon of hard work with a honey bee hive. In the evening I was talking my pants off outside since they were too dirty and sticky to wear in the house. The joys of living in the country! T asked if my underwear was sticky too and pulled them down. She fondled my cock and them gave me some oral foreplay. About then I noticed a honey bee landing on her hair and the dog was approaching us with interest. If it's not kids getting in between us it's the darn dog! So, too many distractions and I got my bare ass in the house.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back her wet panties were under the covers by my pillow.
She said I had not paid enough attention to her panties that day since they were special ones. She said I could wear them, but I might stretch them out with my hardon. She hinted that I could put them on my head. I gave them a good sniff. Then I told her that one time when she was away I put her used panties on my head all night. She said she knew that. Well, now I just had to place them on my face with the damp crotch right over my nose.
I turned out the light and fell asleep that way with my balls against her knees. I woke once during the night when she got up to go to the bathroom and I still had them over my nose. Next time I woke though, they had fallen off.

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