Sunday, March 03, 2013

All and nothing

Quick update on recent happenings.
Last weekend I managed to have 2 orgasms in one day. Quite out of character for someone with a lack of orgasm calendar. Had a quickie fuck with orgasm in the morning, then that evening while home alone had a very kinky session of self bondage, flogging, and eventually masturbation with orgasm.
That doesn't happen much anymore, basically not at all. Usually if I do get a chance for a self kink session like that I still don't let myself come, saving myself for TW. This time it was just too much as my cock and balls were bound as I lay on my back with my legs pulled up and used a sharp point to poke at my bound sack. I came and then was shocked to find that there were numerous bloody spots on my scrotum. I cleaned up the blood and put on some antibiotic and hoped I wouldn't get an infection.
It was all good the next day.

During the week we were having a little grope session when we first got in bed. I was enjoying it but my cock was just not getting hard. That tends to be more of a problem as I get older and by time we get to bed I am just too sleepy. TW said “This isn't working, I think you need to kiss my ...” and my mind was already racing ahead and thinking that yes I'm always happy to eat your pussy, “...knees.”, she said.
That's okay too and I got under the covers and worshiped the knees that give my balls such welcome pain and discomfort on a regular basis.

After loving her knees for a few minutes, they began to spread and I made my way up her thigh to her pussy and ate her out. I did start to get hard when I was grinding my balls on her foot. TW grabbed my hair and pulled me up. I knew she wanted her cock inside her pussy and worked it in. We had a good fucking during which she said that I had been coming too much lately and that I was not allowed to come tonight. However since I had been so good swallowing her juices the last time she would let me come in her mouth the next time I came. That means no coming in her pussy till then and even if she does grant me the rare treat of putting my cock in her mouth, it may just be a tease as she will tell me when I may come.

I love this woman!

Had some great fucking this morning in which I was able to hold off for a very long time while continuing the thrusting. We finally got in a crossed position where she had one leg pulled up in front of her and I was almost perpendicular to her. I could really grind in to her this way. Somehow she managed to get her foot against my balls and grind them. Then she put her foot against my ass and spread my cheeks and ground her heel into my ass. The crowning achievement was as she somehow managed to probe my ass hole with her big toe. That was so hot as I felt like she was trying to fuck me while I fucked her. We didn't have time to carry on much more so she made me stop without either of us coming. Of course I was not allowed to come anyway.
WE were hoping for some afternoon delight while the daughters are out at the store but TW came down with a migraine headache and is out of action.

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