Sunday, March 10, 2013

tied and denied again

A few scattered FLR moments lately. We were at the bathroom sink and apparently I left quite a few splashes when TW grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head down to show me the splashes. That got my attention!
One evening we had gotten in bed and I was just starting to grind my nuts into her knees when she suddenly pulled away, rolled over, and planted her cold feet into my crotch.

Last night we had just gotten to bed after TW had been walking on the treadmill. TW said she really didn't have energy to do anything but when I said my feet were still chilly, she told me to get some socks on as she had something in mind. I was already nude and jumped up and got the socks on and got back in bed. She told me to get my head under the covers. I wriggled my way down and placed my cheek on her thigh, my feet now sticking out by my pillow. I had noticed a thin rope on the bed earlier and she then tied my wrists together with about a foot of cord between. Then she tied the other end of this 4 foot cord around my cock and balls. It felt like one of my balls slipped away before being tied and I thought of telling to her not let it have any mercy, but I was busy licking her pussy. She gave me a quick blowjob, and I had a slim hope that might lead to my getting to come since she most recently said that the next time I am allowed to come it will be oral
Alas, TW pulled me up and said she wanted me inside her. We had some great fucking while she pulled the rope attached to my cock and balls. She had fun using the rope to drag it over my nipples.
After a few minutes she pushed me away and said she wanted to sleep now. I think she wouldn't have minded getting fucked a little longer but I appreciate that she was willing to stop me before I could work up to orgasm and kept me denied.
I slept fitfully through the night with the rope still tied to my cock and balls and my hands. I woke up once to take a leak and pulled my other ball down into bondage.
She jumped up quickly in the morning as she had places to go, so no fun then.
When I got up later and took a shower, I did so with the ropes still tied. A little challenging to shave and shower with your hands tied a foot apart. I had some masturbation fun using some hair conditioner for lube, looks just like cum. I almost did come when I put a finger deep into my ass hole. I finally managed to get 3 fingers in, though not too deep. I was careful not to come though, that must be saved for when TW tells me that I may, in her mouth.
I hope that she will think to share it with me with a deep wet kiss and make me swallow my come.


submanhub said...

I think we have a few things in common:
- it runs deep.
- getting older.
- wife plays along with some tease from time to time.
(I have not read enough of your blog but I do not think my wife 'gets it')
I will read some more of your blog at some stage as it looks fascinating.

MRBILL said...

Thanks for the comment, nice to know someone has read this, although I started writing as more an erotic diary to remember the things we have done.
I am a little surprised to look back and see how far our relationship has evolved since I learned about female led marriage and orgasm control and denial. Also kind of amazed when I look back at the earliest posts and realize how long ago that was.
I don't know if my wife "gets it", she certainly doesn't seem to want to take on the dominant role even though she is a very controlling person in all other things.
I do appreciate though that she is willing to do some things for me just because she knows I enjoy it, and sometimes I think she does too.