Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mothers Day service

Mothers Day was a wife led relationship day this year. When TW asked me what I planned to do that day I responded “Whatever makes you happy”.
I did feel that I owed her since I had a whole day of me time the day before. I went to a meeting in the north country on Friday morning and stayed over that night. This was in an area which we have been often in the past and I revisited several memorable spots. This was while kayaking along a river that we have camped along in the past. I went to our favorite spots and had some solo sex play as I remembered what we had done, masturbating to at least an erection at each place and sometimes some nasty kinky play. Some of which is a little more extreme than I will detail here.
The memorable times that TW and I shared in the past included the time I had her tied up with ropes in the tent when we heard a motorboat cruising slowly along the shoreline and panicked when we thought for some reason somebody might come ashore to check on things. The other memory was when we beached our canoe at a very small island and she was on her knees sucking my cock when we noticed the tour boat coming up the river at the same time we realized our canoe was drifting away. TW was a great sport about going right in the water to retrieve it while I got my cock back in my pants.
So I had several masturbation sessions during the day and that night I did some cock and ball torture and bondage. Of course there would be no satisfaction for me since I have put myself on the honor system and will not come with out TW's permission. So I had lots of pent up desire when we got to Mothers day.
When I got home late Saturday night we had a little cuddle session but were looking forward to the real deal the next day when the little princess would be away for a few hours.

After she left, TW and I finally got some time alone together and she asked if I would like to clean the kitchen floor for her. “Naked?” I asked. She smiled and said “Of course, but first get the vacuum cleaner and use that. I got the vacuum and cleaned the floor. When I was done and coiling up the cord she said that I wasn't done and to plug it back in. “Now drop your pants” she ordered. I couldn't get them off fast enough. She started the vacuum and slowly started running it up my leg. I pulled my shirt off and she approached my nipples and sucked them up with the hose. It looked hot and felt great, and she let the hose hang from my chest held in place with the suction. It left a red mark which unfortunately didn't last very long.
Next she sucked my cock head with the hose. She even used her finger to shove my whole cock head in to the hose, which was very hot. Then she sucked the hose on to my nuts one at a time. That is pretty intense. The first time we used the vacuum it was actually kind of scary, but now that I have found it to not be too painful I wish the thing had more suction, particularly when used on my nipples.

So enough playing, it was time to get to work. TW instructed me to go get some restraints on first. I returned with the ball stretcher harness with the gates of hell and 3 other rings hanging from it. She could sure hear me coming down the stairs with all those rings clanging together between my legs as I walked very awkwardly. For good measure I also had the nipple suckers on.

I got down on the floor and began scrubbing with a rag. The whole time I worked on my hands and knees the rings were dragging on the floor sounding like slave chains. By the time I got done it was almost time to go get LP, but after I took off the ball harness TW rewarded me with a quick cock sucking, leaving me hard and frustrated.

That evening I went down on her pussy and she used the magic wand to bring herself to a Mothers Day orgasm. Then she said I could try and go to sleep as I ground my nuts against her knees.

The next evening she told me she had worn special panties all day and had been thinking about sex. She got in bed before me so I didn't get to see them. She left her feet sticking out from under the covers and told me to change her socks for her. I pulled off her day socks and massaged her feet. I was getting hard and horny just doing this and couldn't resist kissing them and then making my way up her leg. I did find out what the panties looked like before eating her pussy. I finger fucked her as she used the wand to have her orgasm. I went to sleep hard and horny.

The next day I came home for lunch and after we ate we went up to the bedroom. She had worn a see through black blouse with a sweater over top of it on Mothers Day and I told her I really liked it and would love to see her braless. WE had spun a fantasy of her wearing that blouse with her tits tied and having her go someplace public. She was now wearing that blouse braless and used some strings to bind her breasts up into nice muffin tops. Her tits looked so hot like that with her nipples straining through the sheer fabric. I spent a lot of time playing with her tits and nipples, eventually using another rope to tie her bulging tits down. She had matching black panties on and we got them off and somehow she ended up bent over on the bed in front of me with her pussy spread and ready for her cock. I started fucking her, but her ass was so tempting that I started spanking it as I fucked her. I gave her a good long hard spanking, her ass becoming nice and rosy red as I spit into her ass crack to provide extra lube for my cock. It was feeling great, but we had talked about whether I should hold off on coming till the next weekend when we would be having some great Hot Hotel Monkey Sex!!!!
So, no coming for me and the pent up frustration keeps building. Writing this is not helping either.
After she came she said she wanted to send me back to work with her panties to smell. I asked if she would like me to wear them and she said she would and that she would also wear my jockey briefs for the afternoon. She put them on and they did look good on her, the crotch was tight and the ass was yummy. I put on her little black panties and went back to work.
That evening when we went to bed I was still wearing them along with a velcro strap around the base of my cock and balls. She was reading and showing no interest, but did peek under the covers before settling and upon seeing what I was wearing she rammed her foot into my crotch and let me grind against it as she drifted off to sleep.

Tomorrow we go to the hotel and we have fantasies of some sex play during the 5 hour drive up. But she is enjoying my attentiveness and lust for her during my tease and denial and I don't expect to be allowed release for another 2 or 3 days.
I have found that the extended period of arousal is better than orgasm and truly enjoy when I am not allowed to come through numerous sex sessions.

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