Monday, April 07, 2014

lunch at home and then some

Just finished lunch at home. I live close to work, so often go home for lunch, but usually alone and today TW was home.  I have blogged in the past about some wonderful "lunches" when we have the house to ourselves and have some great sex then.  I was hopeful, but not expecting anything today.
After lunch, we talked about taxes, what a lust killer that is.

  We had seen a movie last night wherein the knight told his lady that he vowed to protect, honor and obey her.  As I stood before my wife today she grabbed my waist and pressed me down to my knees before her.  "What did that knight vow to his lady?", she asked.  I told her all that I would do for her, stressing the obey part as I knelt before her.  She told me to stand and she felt the growing erection tenting my pants.  "So kneeling before me still makes you hard?", she asked. "Show me how hard it is." she said.  I unzipped and pulled down my pants as my semi erect cock popped out.  She pulled it to her mouth and lightly kissed it.  "I bet you would like me to take this into my mouth" she said. I moaned a yes. "What would you offer to do for me if I did?" she asked.  I tried to think of something to do that I was not already doing; dishes, laundry, cooking.   She said that I could build a fire for her in the woodstove, while I had no pants on, as she took my cock into her warm mouth.  She got the fire going in me and left me with a hard wet cock and told me to go get the fire going.  I went outside with my cock flopping in the cool breeze and brought in wood.  I got the fire going and warmed my cock and balls in front of it.  I reported back to her, "My Lady, I have started the fire, as you commanded."

She leaned against the kitchen counter and told me to pull her pants down and start her fire.  I pulled them down and knelt before her once again, this time to kiss her pussy as well as I could with her standing with her legs together.  She wasn't going to let me get her too far along.  She grabbed my ears and pulled me away from her pussy.  I looked up at her with love told her that I was happy to obey, but I had been thinking about one thing that I needed from her.  I told her that for me to obey I need her to command me.  She commanded me to stand and pull her pants up.  My cock had swelled again and she told me to put my pants on and get back to work.  As I kissed her goodbye she asked if, by commanding me, that meant she didn't need to say please.  I told her that she can certainly say please, but without a "would you".  Be nice about it, but tell me what to do.  Be the boss, not necessarily bossy.  Don't have to be a bitch, but control me, please.
I love her so.

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