Friday, March 20, 2015

All dressed up

Last week T mentioned that she planned to do some house cleaning over the weekend. “You can be my maid”, she said and I hinted that a maid should be dressed for the part. I was looking forward to the weekend and hoping something would happen.
Saturday morning we slept late and when we got out of bed, T dug through her dresser looking for something. She pulled out a black lace bustier and handed it to me. She dug some more and tossed my a black garter belt and a pair of black stockings. “Time to dress as my maid”, she said.
I needed a little help getting the bustier pulled over my shoulders, but I sure enjoyed my feminine outfit. T enjoyed my erection and had me fuck her, then eat her pussy while she brought herself to an orgasm with the magic wand. She needed me to be submissive and servile, so no orgasm for me, as it should be!
She had another orgasm after she showered. It was chilly in the house, so I wore sweats over my lacy lingerie and two brass rings around the base of my cock and balls. I spent the day cooking, doing laundry. I did strip and clean the kitchen floor on my hands and knees in my maid's outfit. Unfortunately, T was working on her laptop in the living room and she never did come out to check on me.
That night as we got ready for bed, she had me take off the black lingerie and gave me a short pink baby doll nightie to sleep in. First she had me kneel before her and eat her pussy, leading to her third orgasm of the day.
I am so happy that she is taking the lead at times in having me wear feminine clothes. I recently bought a new batch of jockey briefs and threw out all my old tightey whiteys. I told T about this and mentioned that some women threw out all their husbands male underwear and replaced them with panties so that was all they had to wear, all the time. She doesn't understand why a man would want to wear uncomfortable women's undies. I don't understand it, I just know I want to!

Last night as we got ready for bed T pulled me over her lap and began spanking my ass. She gave me some nice hard ones as I moaned in pleasure. I thanked her and she said sleep well as I ground my balls against her knees.


Anonymous said...

The only womens apparel I'm allowed to wear is panties and she had discarded all my cotton underwear. I love the way they feel on me and she loves the way they look.

lovetosubmit said...

Hot story.

My Queen bought me a pair of panties, she said specifically to "humiliate" me. She got a size she thought would fit, and got the most feminine thong she could find - pastel blue thong with little ribbons. She "made" me wear them to work.

I don't normally like the thought of wearing women's clothing... just not my thing, really. But the thought that she "forced" me to do it, that she bought them specifically to humiliate me really turned me on a lot. Unfortunately, she hasn't done this since.

I have a strong fantasy of me wearing very feminine clothes (I guess, think Frank from Rocky Horror, lol) and her wearing very masculine clothes, like a football jersey and us making out like that. Hopefully that will happen some day.

MRBILL said...

As I sit hear wearing a tiny pair of burgundy panties that my wife picked out for me to wear this morning, I think about a deep fantasy. My wife is not into dressing up and thinks that female underwear tends to be uncomfortable and silly. So, like lovetosubmit, I dream of a clothing reversal. Me dressed in feminine clothes and her in manly wear. Then I fantasize that this transitions from a play session to our defined roles, me the feminized male and she the macho woman.
I already happily wear panties as often as possible and have taken on all the dish washing and laundry.