Friday, March 20, 2015

bound to the bed

Another evening at home with no kids in the house and T asked if I wanted to watch a movie. Not really I said, seems like a waste of good alone time. Last weekend was the same, great opportunities and nothing happens. I admit I was feeling frustrated and a little cranky. I can happily go for weeks and months without orgasm, but total lack of any activity leaves me feeling very unfulfilled.

So, I apparently let on that I wanted some sex play and T suggested watching some home videos we had made many years ago. I jumped up and ran to get my laptop! The first was one that she made for me while I was not home and included her playing with her breasts and nipples, very aggressively!! She scratched, pinched, pulled, bound, clothespinned, slapped, whipped and finally dripped candle wax on her breasts and nipples. The video ends as I walked in the door to find her dripping wax on her bound breasts. The next one I returned the favor and did a cock and ball torture session including lots of bondage and clothespins.

After watching these we were both in the mood for some real sex and moved to the bedroom. We cranked up the heat and got naked. I had bought a set of under mattress restraints a few months before. I had introduced them to T by cuffing myself to the bed before she entered the room. Turns out she had other things in mind and was annoyed that I had done this myself and that I was spending money on sex toys. I had hoped since then that just maybe she would let us use them and was very surprised that she now told me to get the restraints out from under the mattress. She told be to lay down with my head toward the foot of the bed and cuffed me spread eagle on the bed. I was anxious to see what she planned to do then and was very happy when she sat on my face and placed her hot, wet pussy on my mouth.

What happened then we are wondering?  I don't know.  This was a little over a month ago and that's all I had time to write. That's one of the reasons I started this blog, to keep a journal of these great sex acts that I would otherwise forget.  
I am sure that great sex ensued, she likely had an orgasm, I most likely was not allowed.
I do remember now that I spent the night with at least two of the restraints binding my arm and leg to the bed. I didn't want to disturb her during the night when I got up to pee, so released myself and them tethered myself to the bed upon my return.
It was great!

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