Friday, March 20, 2015

Ride her, cowboy!

It's been difficult to find a free moment to keep up with this blogging, but I do want to keep up with some of this great sex before I forget it.
I had recently mentioned that we were planning a few days in a hotel and that T had hinted that I might get some anal play. A night in a hotel always makes me hopeful for hot, hotel monkey sex, aka very kinky. Unfortunately it is more likely to lead to a tired wife with a migraine, but she surprises me too.
It has been a while so I won't go into detail ( can't remember them anyway). T asked me what I was hoping to do at the hotel. I told her I didn't want to top from the bottom but was hoping that it might include a good whipping, being tied up in the closet while she pleasured herself and of course I hoped to get fucked in the ass. She is a wonderful wife who did whip my body wonderfully, tied me up naked in the closet to listen as she used the Hitachi magic wand to bring herself to orgasm while I hung there in the dark closet with numerous painful objects on my body.
Yes, then she did put on her strap on, bend me over the bed and fuck my ass. Then she laid down on her back with her hard red cock pointing at the ceiling and told me to ride her. Having her fuck my ass was very exciting, but it was humiliating and exciting to spread my ass and sink down on her hard erection, forcing it up into my ass. I think she wanted me to fuck it so I could take it at my pace, which soon became fast and hard. Then she started to use the magic wand on my hard cock. This was just too much for me and I had a mindblowing orgasm as I humped her cock hard. It felt like I was having a seizure as my arm flailed in the air uncontrollably.
Yes, hot hotel monkey sex

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