Sunday, January 31, 2016

shaved 2

While showering with T this morning I was shaving my legs when she asked me how long I was going to keep up with doing that. “I don't know”, I said.
A few minutes later she asked me for the soap, I thought maybe she was going to wash my back but then she pushed my arm up and I realized she had the razor in her hand. I put my hands behind my neck and presented my arm pits to her.

When she shaved my legs last week I had hinted that it would be okay to completely shave me and in fact she had runt the clippers over the hairs around my nipples.  But she had said maybe she would do that another time.

Once again, she removed hair in a place that has not been hairless for over 40 years. As she finished the first side she looked down to see my penis becoming erect, “It's working” she said with a grin. She had me rinse off the soap and hair, then I hugged her and pulled her under the hot water. “I will keep up with it until you tell me to stop”, I told her.

I have given her control of when I will be allowed to have hair on my body again.


Florida Dom said...

Maybe she will always keep you hairless now. That would be a good sign of her control over you.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.. you saying She pushed your arms up just made me hard! What a scene to imagine.

Anonymous said...

Hi hon, checking in.
Gosh, isn't it embarrassing when your Wife asks if you are wearing a bra as you walk out the door? Sheesh!
Here's one of my favorite songs to dress up and dance to for my Wife.. hope you find the same :) sara