Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas panties

I have bought fancy panties for my wife for Christmas for many years. This year she bought panties for me for our anniversary.
When I went Christmas shopping for her I bought a pack of "boy short" panties and a six pack of standard cotton panties in pastel colors. I included a note "from Santa" when I wrapped the six  pack stating that she may feel free to "sentence" her subby hubby to a full week of panty wearing with this gift.
She tried on the boy short panties and did not like they way they fit, so she told me to put a pair of those on for Christmas day.
I hope she does not forget about the panty week. We are going to a business conference in January, perhaps that will be an opportune time for my panty clad week.


Anonymous said...

Seems you might be "new" to pantie wearing. You will love it. I've been in panties 24/7 for years. They are more comfortable and she loves to see we going around the house in nothing but panties.

Anonymous said...

Great! And a wonderful tradition. Something for you to look forward to.
i always would buy lingerie and panties for my Wife at Christmas, too. She'd (almost) never wear them. Well, at least i got to try them on.
Now, i buy my own lingerie! (would love for Her to buy some for me, but whatever :) ) . Hers are largely boring cotton, while mine are colorful nylon or satiny. The few times She comes to "borrow" my panties from my 2 drawers now makes me smile